Be prepared when emergency strikes. Capture your home in 3D for free with Matterport for iPhone.

It’s time to rethink the way we plan for disaster.

2020 hasn’t been kind. Mega wildfires, floods, and hurricanes are regular incidents causing enormous damage to property and the lives of countless people.  Yet, we’re still drawing up our emergency checklists and escape routes on pieces of paper stuck to refrigerators, if at all.  We painstakingly take individual photos of our most valuable belongings, then regret to realize that we missed something important. 

Matterport offers a simple and powerful way to capture your home for free in immersive 3D and create comprehensive emergency plans for the whole household -- with the iPhone or iPad you already own.  Why not give yourself peace of mind by documenting everything in a digital twin of your home?  Download Matterport for iPhone for free and have confidence knowing that you have prepared for any emergency.

Once you have successfully captured a digital twin of your home with a compatible Apple device, you can edit and customize your space the way you want it to work for you.  In one model that you can easily access anywhere, you can:

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Have a checklist of your emergency supplies and go-bag items, as suggested by

Tip: Anchor a Mattertag to your emergency kit location and apply a direct link to a shared digital checklist like Evernote.  Make sure to audit your checklist and emergency supplies yearly.

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Map out emergency escape routes and have them easily accessible and visible in your model.

Tip: Take a snapshot of your space in Floorplan view within Matterport Workshop and download the image onto your computer. You can then define your home’s rooms and escape routes using any image editing application. Upload your completed map to an image hosting site such as Flickr, then embed the image link into a Mattertag.

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Easily itemize your belongings for insurance claims.  For the items that matter to you the most, you can include detailed information in a Mattertag such as item description, serial numbers, appraisals, receipts, or supplemental photos.

Tip: Scan with your cabinets and closet doors open to show their contents.  You can also keep them closed and embed photos within Mattertags that show your open doors and cabinets, which you can also update as you acquire more things.  Don’t forget the drawers!

 Keep your model secure and enable password protection.  Do not share this password with anyone outside of your household, and keep it locked up tight by regularly updating it together.

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Getting prepared for any emergency doesn’t have to be tedious, expensive, or hard.  It can be a fun household activity with a free Matterport plan and a compatible iPhone or iPad that you own.  Download it today and be ready whenever disaster strikes.


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