Boost Privacy with the New Blur Brush

New editing tool offers control over what to hide in Matterport spaces

Matterport makes it easy to scan spaces, but there are a lot of privacy concerns to keep in mind when sharing or publishing models. What do you do if you capture someone’s face, or perhaps a car license plate? Maybe there’s a Wifi password scribbled on a whiteboard or private information on a computer monitor?

Today we’re proud to announce the open beta of the Blur Brush: a new editing tool that will give you more control over privacy in your Matterport spaces. The Blur Brush lets you manually blur parts of the space you want to hide. Check out the video below or the documentation to learn how it works.

The Blur Brush is available for Starter accounts and up. To opt into the beta, an account administrator has to turn it on in the account settings, like so:

Since Blur Brush is a beta feature, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be careful what you blur because you cannot unblur! If you need to “undo” a blur, you have to reprocess the space.

  • Blurs do not yet hide content in Dollhouse view. However in this view, details like faces or text are usually not visible.

It feels great to fulfill the commitment we made to reevaluate our approach to privacy protection. We’re excited to continue innovating and bring you even more improvements later this year.

Happy blurring!


How does the Blur Brush work with the automatic face blurring feature available in the Matterport Capture app?

The Blur Brush is a new tool that is available alongside the automatic face blurring feature, and can be used together. Turn on automatic face blurring when you want quick, automatic blurring, and use the Blur Brush for the remaining sensitive parts in the space - even faces that may have been missed

Can I use the Blur Brush to adjust the blurs made by automatic face blurring?

The Blur Brush cannot undo blurs that the automatic face blurring has done yet, but we are planning to address this in the future.


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