Bring 3D visual clarity to your Issues workflow in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Optimize issue management with Matterport Digital Twins

Bring 3D visual clarity to your Issues workflow in Autodesk Construction Cloud teaser

Last month we introduced a new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), making it easy to bring as-built documentation and Matterport BIM files into Autodesk Docs and to create and track RFIs within a Matterport digital twin connected to Autodesk Build.

We know you’re constantly finding and resolving issues across the job site, doing your best to fix things to keep the project moving forward. Whether your team is working through an architectural punch list or verifying wiring before the drywall goes up, adding as much visual context as possible provides a clearer picture and helps keep everyone on the same page.

We are excited to leverage the power of Issues within Autodesk Construction Cloud to span project stakeholders using Autodesk Docs, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Build to surface areas in the virtual model that need further oversight and attention. Using Matterport digital twins to provide 3D visual clarity, project teams can contextualize each issue and make better decisions faster. This leads to faster resolution times that help you stay on schedule.

In the latest update to Matterport’s integration with ACC, take advantage of the Issues functionality to place issue pins in a Matterport model. ACC users can pinpoint the issue's exact location, transporting any collaborator directly to the area in question and eliminating miscommunication. Once an issue is created, it can go through the existing ACC workflow for assignment, and collaborators can add additional references as needed. When ACC users create Issue Detail reports, they will be able to click the Matterport link to view the issue in the virtual model from the report.

Dan Kugan, Industry Account Manager – AECO from SolidCAD, a Matterport SME and Autodesk value-added reseller, sees the opportunity to help fortify and improve their customers’ design and construction workflows. “The detail in Matterport’s models, paired with the issues functionality across Autodesk Construction Cloud, is a perfect fit for our customers and their needs across the build lifecycle.”

Matterport is the only construction reality capture solution that can quickly give you access to a cloud-based digital twin for collaboration and generate LOD 200 BIM files to kickstart 3D model creation. Your teams can surface and resolve issues before they escalate, reducing rework, staying on budget, and removing delays that affect the project schedule. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Matterport and Autodesk work together to save you time and money? Watch the on-demand webinar to hear from Matterport, Autodesk, and SolidCAD on resolving issues faster with Matterport Digital Twins and Autodesk Construction Cloud.



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