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How Paperchase is using Matterport to keep customers connected

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an immeasurable shift in all aspects of everyday life, and the retail sector is no exception. For the first time in modern history, stores have been forced to close their doors to customers, pivoting to online sales as national lockdown restrictions impacted the retail landscape. 

To keep customers connected, stationary giant Paperchase created Matterport digital twins of their Reading and Taunton stores to showcase products and show off the new layout and branding. The 3D experiences give customers virtual access from the comfort and safety of their homes, while also making the most of promotions and sales that would have only been available in-store.

We caught up with Ryan Becker, Managing Director of UK Visual Immersion, who captured the stores with the Matterport platform to discuss how the scans help keep ‘Paperchasers’ connected, even when the doors are closed.


Ryan Becker

What inspired the 3D capture of Paperchase?

We wanted to create a space for Paperchase fans to explore and enjoy while its stores were closed during the second lockdown. We also wanted to show all customers the amazing new store concept that the brand had created in both its Taunton and Reading stores.

What are the must-sees you want visitors to explore, and why?

The first thing that hits you is the amazing colour of the digital twin. It’s such a tonic and an inspiration when you are inside at home so much. The next thing is the ability to get more information about all of the product ranges and the icing on the cake is being able to shop them all in just one click. 

We want the digital twin of the Paperchase stores to cheer shoppers up and add a smile to their faces - so explore and have fun looking around at all the beautiful things there are to see.

There are amazing Mattertags throughout the virtual store. Did those help Paperchase grow during the Holiday shopping season? 

Over 10,000 customers were able to visit and shop within the familiar ‘store’ environment, despite the majority of them being closed due to lockdown. The digital twins contain dynamic links, so promotions and offers can be changed in real time to always keep it up to date. 

What are the advantages of a 3D virtual store compared to an in-person visit?

3D digital twins are the best of both worlds. They combine the simplicity of eCommerce shopping with the buzz, spontaneity and excitement of visiting your favourite store. For Paperchase, it also gave customers and fans of the brand the opportunity to visit their latest in-store concepts from the comfort of their own home, extending the reach of those stores much further than just the physical shop alone. In fact, it’s become a favourite with Paperchase fans with the digital twin video being viewed over 20,000 times on Instagram, making it their MOST engaged video EVER.


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