Browse and Shop for Toys in the VEDES Spiel + Freizeit Breustedt Store in Goslar, Germany

Discover how 63 Pixel uses Matterport to elevate the online shopping experience

Although most stores have a website and online store, the VEDES Spiel + Freizeit Breustedt store reached out to 63 Pixel to help them differentiate themselves with an immersive, 3D experience for customers to explore and shop. We caught up with Stefan Nitz, Chief Technology Officer of 63 Pixel, to explore the ways they’re using Matterport to digitally transform stores and spaces in Goslar, Germany.


Q: What inspired the 3D capture of this toy store?

We had been wanting to capture a digital twin of a large retailer in order to make the shopping experience more interesting. Many shops already have a website and an online shop, but a 3D virtual tour is an even better way to present the shop and show the customer what to expect.

The COVID-19 crisis and the first lockdown encouraged us to act quickly; the VEDES Spiel + Freizeit Breustedt store in Goslar, Germany became the perfect partner for our project. With Matterport, we were able to virtually open the store to customers 24 hours a day within a very short amount of time. 

The Dollhouse view is perfect for showing where the individual departments are located within the entire structure of the store so that customers can get an initial overview in advance and increase the likelihood of visiting it in person. We linked items in the digital twin to the online shop with Mattertags, adding further information in the form of images, texts, or videos. 


During lockdown, we even made it possible to reach a sales consultant via a video chat within the 3D tour to help answer any questions. Here is an example to clarify this workflow. 

Tell us about other 3D experiences you have captured with Matterport?

The VEDES scan is just one of several 3D experiences we have created for the city of Goslar. We have scanned museums and historical buildings such as the Kaiserpfalz or the Goslarer Museum. We have also created a scan from the shopping streets of the city, in which the respective shops are then linked to their 3D virtual shop. Our goal is to completely digitize Goslar, Germany with the Matterport platform. In addition to the benefits listed, there are other features such as the measurement of streets or houses, which will help the city administration with their work.


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