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Bye-Bye Summer – Hello Capture App

During the summer we’ve been actively engaged with experienced brokerages, agents, and photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area in an ongoing effort to make sure we understand the business needs of our real estate customers. We are a company building groundbreaking 3D technology – that’s what we specialize in. But we feel it’s important to deliver new innovation to the market that is informed by our customers. That’s why our team have spent a good portion of the Summer visiting a number of brokerages and speaking with agents, marketers, technologists, and photographers to gather feedback on Matterport’s product offering and to gain deeper insights into how Matterport can make our 3D media platform even better.

An example of that is our recently announced new release of Matterport 3D Capture App, now available on the Apple App Store. As you may know, the Matterport 3D Capture App for the Apple® iPad provides an easy way to quickly create 3D Models. It allows users to control the operation of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera and uploads the captured data to the Matterport Cloud for processing. It’s simple, easy and groundbreaking and we are happy to see the momentum and hear ‘wow….this is cool’.

So here are the improvements we just incorporated into our new newest release of 3D Capture:
  • Faster Capture. Data transfer and alignment now happen independently which allows you to move the camera to a new position sooner and capture spaces faster.
  • Label Multiple Floors. We’ve added a feature that lets you scan up stairs and label floors.
  • Duplicate and Delete Models. You can now duplicate and delete Models on the iPad.
  • Re-upload Models. Models can be edited and uploaded again. You can add new Scans to the Model, and you can add or edit windows, mirrors, and trim mark-ups.
  • Global Alignment. Scans now align to each other automatically so you don’t have to manually select an active scan to align to, making the capture process faster.

Meeting with customers provides them with greater insights into what problems technology can solve and what innovation can be enabled. And of course for Matterport, we hear from the people who have extensive experience in the real estate industry. It’s time consuming for both parties, but definitely a win-win and I’m grateful for the time spent with us!