Capture for a Cause: How Matterport Celebrated Global Volunteer Month

Learn how Matterport celebrated Global Volunteer Month through a new initiative, Capture for a Cause.

At Matterport, we put a large emphasis on volunteering in our community and the spaces that are most important to our team. To add to the initiatives already in place, we created a new opportunity for our employees to give back called Capture for a Cause. This month dedicated to service was a huge success, encouraging us to continue this annual tradition for years to come. 

Want to learn more about what this project looked like and how one of our team members got involved? We chatted with Peter Newell to dive deeper into his experience and how his work impacts the charities he partnered with. 

What Is Capture for a Cause?

April is Global Volunteer Month, and Matterport donations and volunteer programs make space for our employees to get involved. Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is core to our mission. Matterport Cares is the company’s volunteerism and donation program designed to support causes employees care most about.

As a part of Matterport Cares, we created a new program called Capture for a Cause. It allows our team to scan their favorite charities for free, and then Matterport doubles the match for hours spent and donates it to that charity. Ultimately, Capture for a Cause encourages Matterpeeps to support causes that are most meaningful to them.

Through Capture for a Cause, Matterport has a unique offering that brings the business to the community and provides solutions that many organizations may not otherwise have access to. By sending our team into their local spaces, we’re able to deliver digital twins to charities all over the world. As a result, these organizations can provide more holistic access to their services than ever before. Whether that be showing the scans to a donor or using them to train volunteers, this initiative can have a significant impact in all areas of business for the selected non-profits.

How Peter Newell Got Involved

Peter Newell is a software engineer at Matterport and has participated in several efforts to support his internal team and the community around him. This includes taking on the leadership role for the Matterport Pride group and stepping up as the first person to participate in Capture for a Cause. 

“I want to work at a place that recognizes humanity,” Newell said. “I think what we have is powerful. We have something that we can give that’s beyond platitudes and checking a box on participation; something that can truly be useful. It’s doing good in our own way that’s unique and helps build the kind of world I want to see.”

Newell said he got involved with Capture for a Cause right away as it was a natural extension of what he was already doing. His project was for White Center Food Bank, which was close to his house in Seattle. When the Matterport team was planning to volunteer, he knew it was the perfect place to capture for Global Volunteer Month. 

“To be working at Matterport remotely but then have my fellow people around me come and work at the food bank in my community was really awesome and exciting,” said Newell. 

White Center Food Bank had been in the same building for a very long time, and they had a new building they were preparing to move into, so the Matterport team was volunteering during some of the last shifts in this old building. 

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Because the food bank was moving spaces, Newell wanted to create a time capsule for their team by scanning the space that had served them so well up until this point before moving on to a bigger, more functional building. 

“Knowing what we do, I thought we should really preserve this and give them something when this place is no longer around to look back on and remember how it was and where they came from,” said Newell. 

While spending time at the center, he asked if they’d be OK with him scanning their space, which they wholeheartedly agreed to. 

“I really love what our platform does,” said Newell. “I love the opportunity we have for preserving memorable spaces; for bringing more people insight and spreading the word of what these places are about. It’s so much more than a digital twin: It’s sharing what makes something special. And you can’t normally do that without being there physically in person. But with Matterport, we can show people our favorite spots digitally.” 

To capture the space, Newell used his phone and the Axis Mount, which was a pretty straightforward process. The facility was set up like a convenience store where locals could pick out fresh produce and products that they needed for themselves and their families. He made sure to include helpful tips for volunteers and information on the organization so people could really get a sense of what White Center Food Bank is all about. 

The Impact of This Scan

Newell says one of his driving forces in life is using his skills in technology to make magic for other people, which he surely did by partnering with White Center Food Bank and giving them a special digital time capsule of their past building. 

After delivering the scan to the food bank, he knew it would not only be a precious memento to look back on fondly but also a way to smooth out processes and train volunteers for future work. Now, before volunteers even step into the physical building, they can get a feel for the space. This gives them the opportunity to learn where they’ll spend their time throughout their visit and any necessary insights that will help with their efforts. The scan can also aid both internal and external planning to help streamline operations for White Center Food Bank’s team and its helpers. 

On top of the older space, Newell also scanned White Center Food Bank’s new location and completed a separate project for A Sacred Passing and their Asphodel House as part of the Capture for a Cause initiative. These additional scans tell stories about the facilities and share important information about who they are and why they do the work they do. 

“Capture for a Cause is too good of an opportunity to pass up,” he said. “It’s sharing that magic with people and helping spread the good word about these amazing organizations.” 

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Matterport Cares: How We Support Our Teams Year-Round

While Capture for a Cause was a massive success, it’s not the only way Matterport gives back to the community and supports our employees. Employee giving is a year-round initiative with special donation matches throughout the year including Matterport Cares Week, a company-wide week dedicated to service. 

“With Matterport, we have a tool for doing something really powerful and impactful for organizations,” said Newell. “We’re doing really great and important things for the world so organizations can get more exposure outside of their local area.” 

Want to learn more about Matterport Cares and how we serve our team members and cities? Visit our website today. And see Peter’s and other Matterport Capture for a Cause scans for yourself:


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