Choose Pro3 for unprecedented scanning speed for substantial cost savings and increased productivity

Create as-built BIM and CAD models quickly and confidently with Matterport

In the ever-evolving world of construction and architectural design, professionals are continuously seeking tools that provide precision, speed, and efficiency. One such groundbreaking tool that has been making waves in the industry is the Matterport Pro3 camera. This innovative device has set new standards in 3D scanning, particularly when it comes to creating as-built Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models. In this blog post, we'll delve into how the Matterport Pro3's remarkable scanning speed not only saves hours but also facilitates faster and more confident model creation.

The Matterport Pro3 Advantage

Speed Like Never Before The Matterport Pro3 boasts an exceptional scanning speed, <20 seconds per sweep. Traditional laser scanners can be slow or unpredictable in different weather conditions like low light or high wind. Relying solely on a traditional survey scanner means that capturing site data can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and often require multiple site visits. With Pro3’s extended scanning range of up to 100m1 plus reliable performance in all lighting conditions, you can capture spaces with unprecedented swiftness, reducing hours of work to mere minutes.

Seamless Integration with BIM and CAD Time savings isn’t just in the scanning. Matterport Pro3 scans can be directly converted to as-built BIM or CAD models with the Matterport Revit plugin, making the transition from scan data to usable models smoother and faster. This seamless integration minimizes the need for extensive post-processing, ensuring quicker project turnaround times. And with a business subscription plan, integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore are included. 

High Accuracy Ensures Confidence Speed doesn’t come at the cost of accuracy with the Matterport Pro3. The camera's high-resolution capture ensures that every detail, no matter how minute, is recorded with precision. This high degree of accuracy means that architects, engineers, and construction professionals can use the data to create models with confidence, knowing that the representation is true to reality. Pro3 is ideal for rendering large-scale projects at a high level of precision (+/- 20mm @10m) and creating high-fidelity digital twins (100K points per second).

Comprehensive Scans Minimize Site Visits  Thanks to its speed and comprehensive capture ability, the Pro3 often eliminates the need for multiple site visits. Plus, Pro3 includes a rechargeable battery pack that not only saves time in travel and setup but also reduces costs associated with repeated visits. 

The Future of Design and Construction

As the industry continues to embrace digital transformation, tools that offer both speed and precision are invaluable. The ability to rapidly capture and transform a real-world site into a digital as-built BIM or CAD model has profound implications:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: teams can collaborate more effectively when they have quick access to accurate site data.

  • Informed Decision Making: with accurate models at their fingertips faster, professionals can make more informed decisions early in the project lifecycle.

  • Reduced Rework: errors arising from inaccurate site data can lead to costly rework. Speedy access to precise data minimizes such risks.

In an industry where time is often equated with money, the speed and efficiency offered by Matterport Pro3 make it an indispensable tool for modern professionals. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in design, construction, and architectural spaces, tools like the Pro3 ensure we do so with confidence, accuracy, and efficiency.

Whether you're an architect looking to create detailed as-built models or a construction professional aiming for smooth project execution, embracing the rapid scanning capabilities of Matterport Pro3 could be your game-changer.

 1 Normal range is 20m, extended range available in e57 files only

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