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Climb to the next level interactive multimedia 3D experiences at a bouldering gym in Germany

MEDIAMONKEYS creates interactive multimedia stories using Matterport, like the Steil Boulderhalle rock climbing gym

Watching how a space changes, moves, and grows isn’t always an available experience in physical locations, let alone the virtual world. But with the help of Matterport digital twins, MEDIAMONKEYS, a German-based group that focuses on unique angles to film production and multimedia, was able to build a living space and include its history of its creation.

Understanding that many people would be missing activity-based locations, MEDIAMONKEYS captured the Steil Boulderhalle, a bouldering gym in Germany. Hidden around the digital twin are videos of its members, details about how the sport functions and the materials gym members use. Walk up the stairs to the top floor and click through a timeline of photos depicting the gym’s creation. 

Cleverly installed videos of the Kilterboard, a customizable rock climbing wall, allow virtual visitors to gain a sense of the gym as if they themselves were using its facilities. Guests can see people climbing, spotting others, and watching friends climb as if they were there themselves. 

We met with Maximilian Richter, the designer at MEDIAMONKEYS, to talk about how they created the digital twin of Steil Boulderhalle. 

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

For many people, COVID-19 lockdowns prevented people from doing physical activities to stay healthy, like going to the gym. Because of this, we wanted to draw attention to the need for sports activities so we created a digital version of the bouldering gym, Steil Boulderhalle, which depicts not just the building, but represents the "living" world within it. 

Steil Boulderhalle 1

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

We have hidden some funny objects within this digital space, including a secret king of this bouldering gym. We encourage visitors to look for the easter eggs we integrated into the space that were planned in advance with special scan points. We hope that exploring it makes people happy and look forward to better times ahead in a post-COVID world!

Steil Boulderhalle 2

What are the benefits of Matterport digital twins?

The advantages of the Matterport world we created is not only the representation of spatiality, but our digital twin of Steil Boulderhalle showcases quite a lively place. Combining it with integrated media like navigation overlays, sound and videos makes Matterport digital twins a fantastic, interactive storytelling tool.

Be sure to check out other work we’ve done with Matterport, including the Virtual Institute for Music Journalism and the Virtual Bosch Car Service Workshop.

VIsit the Steil Boulderhalle digital twin here

Steil Boulderhalle 3


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