Collaborate using Matterport Notes

Start a conversation in any space

Today we’re proud to announce the open beta of Notes, unlocking team collaboration, communication, group field notes and documentation right inside the Matterport digital twins. In the same way Google Docs made working on documents collaborative, efficient and conversational, Notes is making Matterport spaces fully collaborative. Now you can have conversations and upload documentation right in your space, so you can do all of your work in one place!

Invite friends and family to visually locate and note what they like best about the home you are considering buying, enable teams in the workplace to collaborate on space planning and office layouts, and enterprises to manage facilities, assign tasks, and make key operating decisions across a portfolio of remote locations.

Collaboration is essential for most work these days. But when it comes to digital twins, we have always had to turn to other tools when it was time to have conversations or share files with others, which meant we’d lose the context of what we were working on. That changes today.

Work on any space  together

Notes has all the core features you need for conversations and documentation in a space:

  • Real time: When someone makes a note in a space, everyone else sees it right away.

  • Notifications: Anyone who participates in a conversation can get notifications when there’s a new reply.

  • Easily mention and invite others: Use @name to mention someone you want to collaborate with, and get their attention.

  • Simple task management: Resolve a note when it’s done.

  • Categorization: Categorize notes with hashtags and colors.

Keep your files in the space

Any files you upload to Notes are securely stored in Matterport Cloud and are only accessible to logged-in collaborators with access to the space.

You can upload almost anything:

  • Images

  • Documents

  • Videos

  • ...and much more.

Security built in

Only collaborators you invite can see and comment on Notes. Even if you have the space public, Notes are only visible to logged-in users that you have explicitly invited to the space.

Built for your use case

Notes has been built to facilitate a broad range of collaboration. Some examples of how Notes can be used include:

  • Homeowners can get quotes and discuss options with contractors who are doing work on their property.

  • Interior designers can have conversations with their clients about how to enhance a space.

  • Property owners can work with their insurance provider within the digital twin to ensure proper valuations and claims. 

  • Retail planners can manage their store layout and discuss with their contractors about work to be done in a particular area of the space. 

  • Engineers can create virtual punch lists and share them with contractors and project owners.

  • Landlords can upload documentation and instructions attached to specific parts of the space, making it easy and interesting for a renter to review.

The Notes open beta is available for all subscription plans starting today. We’re excited to finally bring collaboration and file uploads to Matterport spaces, and can’t wait to see how you use it.

If your account does not have Notes turned on yet, an administrator has to opt in on the settings page, like so:

No Matterport account yet? Sign up to try Notes today for free!


What are the hosting limits for uploaded attachments?This depends on your subscription plan. Check out the support page for Attachments for more details.

Does Notes replace Mattertags?Not at all! Mattertags is one of our most used features, with millions and millions made. Mattertags will continue to be the best tool for presenting the best parts of your Space to your public, while Notes is meant for collaboration with logged in users that you invite to the space.

Does this mean I can upload files to Mattertags too?Not immediately, but soon! Now that we have uploads for Notes we will be working on making easy uploads for Mattertags as well.

Can I upload files without making a Mattertag or Note?No, you will have to add a Note in the space to upload a file.

Can I add Notes while I’m capturing a space?Not yet, but this is something we are actively working towards.


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