Contemporary Central America

Galería Rancho Santana in Nicaragua offers modern and contemporary art with an immersive gallery experience

This year we have truly understood the tactile differences in finding substitutes for our favorite experiences. In theory, viewing art in a gallery is something that can be translated into an activity from home by simply scrolling through different art pieces online. In practice, however, Matterport and Galería Rancho Santana understand that visiting galleries is a multifaceted experience: walking through the doors, witnessing the architecture, the significance of art curation, and how each piece is arranged in relation to each other. Art itself is impactful of course, but the entire encounter of interacting within the gallery changes the viewers’ perception of each piece. 

Galería Rancho Santana Q&A 1

Traveling has been a privilege that we have not had for the last year. Experiencing local art is a key facet in appreciating places that are new to us. Galería Rancho Santana offers visitors a better understanding of Central American art and culture through an immersive virtual experience of walking through the gallery. It also assumes the role of a museum curator - beside each art piece, one can select ‘Learn more’ about each artist to be redirected to the artist profile on Galería Rancho Santana’s website. 

We caught up with Gallery Manager Johann Bonilla to further understand the importance of creating an immersive experience for viewing art.

What inspired the 3D capture of the Galería Rancho Santana?

Over the last year, the world has endured a lot of changes and as such it has become key to adapt in order to offer convenient solutions to potential clients. With travel being more difficult due to restrictions we understood that we needed to have a more immersive and intimate experience that makes our visitors feel like they are actually inside the gallery and allows them to have genuine control of how to explore it.

Galería Rancho Santana Q&A 2

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why? 

We like our visitors to explore everything equally! We consider that one of the vital aspects of a gallery is that there are no hierarchies between one space or another. We put a lot of effort into creating a space that feels harmonious and highlights each art piece.

We want them to walk away feeling the enjoyment of visiting a finely curated gallery and having a deeper perspective of the richness Central American art has to offer.

Galería Rancho Santana Q&A 3

How have virtual technologies like Matterport played an essential role in the art world?

Virtual tools like Matterport have gone from being a complement to becoming an important tool not only to achieve authentic connections between the art and the user but to allow the user to feel the emotional experience of visiting a curated collection. Museums, galleries, art collections around the world have understood this and have started to apply it with great success. 

Galería Rancho Santana Q&A 4-2

Anything else you would like to add?

Galería Rancho Santana is a proud member of the Rancho Santana family, a world-class resort and residential community located on Nicaragua's pristine Emerald Coast. With five unique beaches, a variety of dining options, activities from adventure sports to a menu of wellness offerings, and of course, a beautiful selection of Central American art, The Ranch, as we call it, is truly a unique destination. We hope you visit us when travel is open. But for now, enjoy the Galería virtually and patronize these artists if you can.


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