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Create Immersive Travel & Hospitality Experiences

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The world is opening up a little wider each day, driving the need for the travel and hospitality industry to stay ahead of its competition. Providing a differentiated experience from the first time a potential customer interacts with your brand is now a requirement. That interaction often happens long before a customer physically enters your space. At Matterport we understand the value of creating engaging customer interactions right from the start. 

While your Matterport story starts with a scan - a 3D walkthrough of your space - the possibilities of how you transform that 3D walkthrough to represent your space in an enticing way are powered by Matterport Partners. Drive traffic, occupancy rates, online engagement, and sales through these solutions. 

Explore the offerings below and join us on May 19 for Space Jam, the Matterport Platform Partner Demo event.  Learn how Partners can take your business to the next level with live demos and Q&A with each partner. Come ready to vote for your favorite presentation! 

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Allseated offers a comprehensive suite of venue solutions. Starting with VISION, which powers virtual venue tours to boost sales and plan events remotely. Allseated also offers EXVO,  a virtual platform that allows you to create immersive, fully branded experiences with features that keep your audience completely engaged. 

allseated image

Use this solution to:  

  •  Showcase venues virtually 
  • Hold online meetings in your venue so the rooms can be virtually walked through, individually equipped, and sold remotely
  • Work collaboratively in real-time to build project and floor plans 

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Mapme powers the creation of interactive maps. For example, you can use Mapme to create interactive tours or guides. Add photos, videos, PDFs and of course Matterport 3D tours to your maps. Increase engagement and conversion with action buttons like “Book Now”. Known for its ease of use, no coding knowledge is needed to create beautiful maps with Mapme.

Use this solution to:

  • Create interactive maps and easily integrate your Matterport tours on your maps.
  • Embed or share your maps anywhere.
mapme map

Discover Halifax Hotels by Mapme here

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Spalba aims to help the various stakeholders in the events ecosystem, including the event venue owners and event planners, come together on a single platform. Spalba’s goal is to organize global data on events and experiences, make it accessible, functional and experiential.

Use this solution to:  

  • Enable you customers to discover and immersively explore your spaces
  • Help your clients plan their event through a simple click and drop interface
  • Manage the entire booking workflow
  • Use the digital twin of your space to have your customers extend their physical event to an immersive virtual world


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Tablz offers an immersive 3D booking experience.  They are redefining the future of dining by enabling diners to select and upgrade to the table of their choosing. Restaurants are enhancing their guest experience by leveraging Tablz with their existing reservation system. Tablz is not a second system you have to manage. Tablz works in conjunction with your existing setup.

Use this solution to:  

  • Enhance your customers reservation experience 
  • Increase the value of your space 


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Virtuprove powers the Virtushow Pro solution, providing a fully immersive virtual guide for your venue.  Virtuprove combines years of experience in Virtual Capturing with the latest technologies in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to help sales and marketing teams in the hospitality industry showcase their MICE spaces and respond to RFPs in a more efficient manner. Attract more leads and shorten your sales cycle.

VirtuShow Pro-high

Use this solution to: 

  • Elevate the virtual presence of spaces
  • Make it easy for your clients to visualize event spaces 
  • Attract more events to your spaces

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Join us on May 19, 2022 for Space Jam, where you will gain access to the solutions that will provide your customers with unforgettable experiences. Come ready to learn and vote on your favorite solution during this Matterport Partner Travel and Hospitality focused demo event.  


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