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Creating a virtual ecommerce experience for Rachael Ray Products

Revolutionizing Virtual Shopping with Matterport 3D

The immersive media revolution is in full force with new technology affecting the way we do business. 3D imaging and virtual reality are at the forefront of the current tech wave and are reaching new frontiers across a breadth of industries; from real estate and architecture, to entertainment and travel. One industry that we’ve seen experimenting with 3D technology recently is retail, with stores using tech to help promote their inventory. 

Imagine walking through your favorite brick-and-mortar stores from the comfort of your home. By using Matterport’s immersive 3D technology to capture retail spaces, brands are giving their customers a whole new experience: true virtual shopping! Instead of just walking through a retail location, companies are using Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts to take virtual shopping to the next level by including details — like material, size, and price — about their products and a link to where they can purchase. It’s combining the convenience of online shopping with the realness of in-store browsing!

Virtual shopping is especially helpful for home furnishing companies who may want to service a larger customer base, but don’t have the physical store locations to accommodate a national audience. Since 81% of shoppers research online before making big purchases (Source: GE Shopper research study), brands can benefit from giving their customers an immersive 3D shopping experience that is really like being there.

One of the biggest names in home furnishings is doing just that. Rachael Ray launched her home department last year with a beautiful line of furniture and home decor pieces. As part of their marketing, Rachael Ray Home is using Matterport’s technology to give online visitors the experience of walking through an expertly designed and decorated residence on any computer or mobile device.

Designer Michael Murray decorated a Chicago townhouse with pieces from Rachael Ray Home. Site visitors can walk through the residence as if they are there and visualize what the furniture will look like in their own homes. Product information and links to purchase appear as visitors approach each piece of furniture while navigating the residence in the Matterport Showcase.

"The Matterport model is a helpful and innovative way for visitors to virtually experience how Rachael Ray Home will look in their own spaces,” said Michael Murray, general manager of Rachael Ray Home. “This is a glimpse into the future - giving consumers the ability to have a rich experience that brings online browsing to life.”

“The Rachael Ray Home Collection is a wonderful example of how Matterport immersive media can shape how consumers research products,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. “Immersive media is the next best thing to being there and gives consumers greater confidence that they understand what the furniture is like in person."