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Matterport has gained massive popularity in the residential real estate market as 3D virtual home tours have become a must-have for today’s tech-savvy home shoppers. Matterport's rich, immersive virtual touring experience has transformed the entire industry, enhancing the home search experience. In fact, per a recent survey, 20% of offers made on homes were made completely sight unseen. 

Matterport platform partners are taking 3D virtual tours to the next level,  continuing to lead the transformation of the home buying and home selling experience. From virtual staging and hosting live virtual open houses, to creating Augmented Reality enhanced experiences and optimizing interactions, our technology partners are building tools to transform the way you work with home buyers, sellers, and renters. 

Get a sneak peek below of the partner solutions featured in this month’s FREE Space Jam event, and join us live on March 31, 2022, for our latest edition of the Matterport Platform Partner Space Jam. Learn how these technology partners can elevate your listings with live demos and help you transact faster!

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3d Apartment logo


3DAPARTMENT is a VR Real Estate solution provider that partners with Matterport to create 3D virtual tours and virtual staging of properties for rent and sale. By providing an immersive virtual touring experience for home shoppers, 3DAPARTMENT helps owners and agents transact faster. 3DAPARTMENT.com enables users to search for an apartment, browse actual furniture and art pieces that fit, and find that perfect design scheme before ever stepping foot into space.

Use this solution for: 

  • Virtual Staging for Matterport 

  • eCommerce for Furniture and Art

  • AR viewing Experience 

  • Branding (Agent, Team, Brokerage landing pages)

  • Listing Marketing (Facebook, Google ADs)

mpmbed logo


MPEmbed is designed to look and feel like a natural extension of Matterport Showcase that adds custom new features such as a Animated 3D objects, video walls, mini map, Mattertag directories, background music and image adjustments. Within minutes anyone can transform a Matterport space into a new product while preserving the Matterport experience.


Use this solution for: 

  • Create Custom Mattertags

  • Produce tour menus 

  • Add Custom objects in a 3D space

prevue logo


Prevue is an innovative platform merging Virtual Tours, Videoconferencing and CRM functionalities for the real-estate industry. Switch between multiple properties, download marketing collateral, and enable a seamless storefront integration from a CTA.

Use this solution to: 

  • Interact with agents or managers in real time

  • Show more properties without traveling

  • Control and analyze sales channel with CRM functionalities

rooom logo


rooom offers a metaverse platform that allows you to create and deliver immersive virtual experiences. The platform runs browser-based and supports 2D, 3D, AR, and VR experiences on any device. In addition to virtual staging for 360° tours, rooom offers a comprehensive solution portfolio, such as virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations and hybrid events.

Use this solution for:

  • Virtual staging to improve presentation of unfurnished properties

  • Enhancing virtual 360° tours with 3D objects from the rooom catalog

  • Staging & showcasing real estate with virtual interior

  • 3D visualization solutions for new building projects as well as for existing properties

  • Creating virtual metaverse spaces

superviz transparent


SuperViz integrates immersive video conferencing that brings people together to meet and collaborate remotely with a sense of presence. Combine the time- and money-saving benefits of remote conferencing in digital twins with the feel of in-person real world meetings.

Use this solution for: 

  • Agent-guided sales and AR training inside 3D tours

  • Remote construction site management

  • Real-time interactive meetings inside virtual tours for sales, education, and collaboration

Join us on March 31 to learn more about Matterport Platform Partners and how you can transform your real estate business. 

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