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Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

$900 off Matterport Pro2 3D cameras - now only $2,495!  Buy now

Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

Explore a design institute in Spain built from a historic building on the Island of Talent and Knowledge

Mendilur Position uses Matterport to give students an immersive tour of the Institute’s unique architecture

The Institut Europeo di Design (IED) Kunsthal opened its headquarters in Bilbao on the island of Zorrotzaurre on September 21, 2020, to incoming students, its third location in Spain found in the historic Edificio Papelera, the only vaulted building in the area. The island itself is actually known as the Island of Talent and Knowledge.

Mendilur Position used Matterport to capture an immersive 3D experience for prospective and incoming students to explore the historic site online. It also provided IED with the unique opportunity to visually showcase how students can engage with the local Zorrotzaurre community and urban architecture. 

We spoke with Itziar Saenz de Urturi, CEO of Mendilur Position, to learn more about their experience capturing a Matterport digital twin of IED Kunsthal Bilbao.


Q: What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

We have been working with Matterport technology since 2017. This year, our clients have realized the value of showcasing their spaces through 3D experiences due to the COVID pandemic. IED Kunsthal opened its new headquarters in Bilbao on the island of Zorrotzaurre during this time so it provided us the opportunity to capture its space upon completion. The construction company, Viconsa S.A. wanted to show the results to their clients. What better way than through a Matterport 3D experience?

Q: Can you speak a little more about the sustainability aspect of this space? 

The rehabilitation was carried out in the old building of Papelera del Nervión, located in one of the 17 industrial blocks that remain in the reform plan of Zorrotzaurre. This old port area is located on the banks of Deusto in Bilbao and is undergoing a profound urban transformation.

Those in charge of the renovation had to maintain its structure and turn the interior into a spacious, open space, without pillars - one that is welcoming and warm to counteract the coldness of an industrial facility from the middle of the last century.


Q: What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

The new IED Kunsthal headquarters building in Bilbao is the only vaulted one in the area and one of the few of its kind that has survived in Bizkaia. For this reason, and due to its historical and cultural value, the institutions decided to preserve its structure and its differentiated elements and turn it into the Kunsthal Superior Design Center. 


This iconic space combines the industrial past of the area with the modernity of its avant-garde culture, in which wood has played a fundamental role. Therefore it is worth exploring the entire digital twin. My hope is that all visitors will appreciate this superior, modern and functional school built in a meaningful and beautiful environment


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