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Explore Haute Mexican and Mezcal on Divisadero

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we took the Matterport Pro Camera to La Urbana, a striking haven of haute Mexican fare at the corner of Grove and Divis. La Urbana made a stir in 2013 because of its trendy interior design, composed of reclaimed artifacts from across Mexico. The design concept, conceived and executed by Garduño Arquitectos, brought  Mexico City trends--clean modernity with cultural flare--to San Francisco.

La Urbana caught our eye because of its varied spaces--making it many things to its growing band of loyal locals. During the day, while staff is still prepping whole chickens and marinating carnitas to perfection, the adjoined Mercado Urbano is open, offering tacos and street food out of a converted garage. As you virtually stroll into this informal dining area, be sure to note the wrap-around wall mural. This artwork was actually created by San Francisco street artist Zio Ziegler, who graffitied the plywood panels that lined the building while the restaurant was still under construction.

If you walk from Mercado Urbano, down the steps into the main dining room, you immediately notice a sunny environment highlighted by vibrant patterned tiles imported from Mexico. These give way to sleek black slate, and a clean, modern dining space flavored with rustic furniture repurposed as a stunning bar display. This sleek yet comfortable bar is a fitting home to one of the city’s largest mezcal collections, with over 50 options served alongside orange slices, spiced salts, and dried worms.

Beyond the bar is a semi-private dining space with a view of the sidewalk and a wall panel outlining the many types of agave grown across mexico. For large parties and special events, La Urbana’s private upstairs dining room offers full service and a private bar.

If you’re on the hunt for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, you’re in luck. La Urbana’s weekly Taco Tuesday will be roaring, with happy-hour specials and taco deals in the Mercado. This neighborhood hot spot is quickly becoming a mezcal-lover’s must-see. Get a sense of the space with our immersive 3D model - then go there!

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