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Explore how Japanese retailers replicate in-store experiences

See how Planning Office Reeship revamped YOAK’s footwear showcase in immersive 3D

As virtual reality technology increases in popularity, retail brands and shoppers across the globe are embracing the jump from physical to digital showcases. This is why companies like Planning Office Reeship, based in Japan, are working with brands to help build and share their own 3D virtual tours with audiences online — rather than relying on traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

Using Matterport cameras, Planning Office Reeship creates a virtual preview of Japanese retailers to replicate the in-store experience and unique brand culture for prospective customers. Once scanned, the company then shares the model with their clients so that they can use them for showcases, product launches, and general shopping.

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Since many stores in Japan have been affected by the pandemic, 3D digital twins are more important than ever for retailers to stay in contact with their current and future customers. Having an online presence that recreates the physical shopping experience is beneficial for store owners and shoppers alike. Not only do store owners have a digital copy of their space that’s easy to update and share, but these models also provide consumers with an easy one-stop shopping experience.

Ryo Torii, owner of Planning Office Reeship, uses Matterport to help brands like YOAK footwear to stage, capture, and share their retail spaces.

“YOAK was about to make an announcement for their new products, but since they were affected by the pandemic, they decided that they wanted to explore 3D options,” said Ryo. “I was consulted for an exhibition that utilized the latest 3D and VR technology.”

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Ryo rented a studio and arranged the shows as if for a real exhibition and captured them with Matterport so customers could walk through them as if they were there in real life. In the digital twin, each of the shoes on display has its own Mattertag which contains details about each shoe, including an image of a model wearing them and an additional link to obtain even more information such as size and price

“Once visitors have explored the scan and what YOAK has to offer, they can purchase their favorite shoes from the Mattertag link. With 3D digital twins, you can experience a virtual exhibition and get a one-stop purchasing experience with Matterport.”


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