Explore Iconic Works of Art in the Metaverse Through our Immersive Digital Twin

Breaking New Experiential Frontiers With Our New Pro3 Camera and Cloud Platform

We don’t view digital twins, we explore through them. They unlock a world of curiosity, letting people step into far away places as if they were there in person. With detail unmatched by photos or videos, twins capture the nuances that compose the essence of a space. We can sit at Mark Twain’s dining table or spelunk the Lake Shasta Caverns. We can learn and dream and imagine alone or with others. Everything in a digital twin is real and full of new discoveries. 

Yet, sometimes, all is not as it would seem

Robin Eley 1

That’s the theme of a new exhibition, Private Collection/Closed for Installation, by hyperrealist artist Robin Eley and Emmy Award winning creative director David Korins. After four years in the making, Robin and David have created the fictional world of the New or Traditional Art Museum (NOTaMUSEUM), an immersive experience featuring 19 of the greatest works of art that are hidden from the public - either lost, stolen or held in private collections. The exhibition examines issues of access, privilege, and the subversion of the artists’ original intentions behind their creations.

Robin Eley 2

 But with only a nine day run in New York City, Eley and Korins knew most people wouldn’t be able to visit the exhibition in person - an unacceptable irony. They needed to find a creative way to invite people into the physical exhibition, virtually, and do so in a way that authentically captured the museum’s immersive and personal experience. 

This past summer, Eley discovered Matterport and instantly recognized our digital twins were the only solution that could bring his full vision to life. With our new Pro3 Camera and recent advancements to our cloud platform, we were able to capture the entire exhibition and publish the twin in less than 24 hours - an incredible feat for such a complex and vibrant environment. 

“To be able to capture the emotion and intrigue of every piece within NOTaMuseum with Matterport’s digital twins, and enable people around the world to engage with this exhibition as if they were physically here, is revolutionary as an artist,” said Eley. “There is so much opportunity for creative exploration using digital twins and this is just the beginning of what’s possible.” 

Robin with Pro3

“My goal for this exhibition is to re-define what's possible by blurring the lines between fine art gallery, immersive experience and pop culture,” said Korins. “The virtual experience is just as important, and I’m so impressed with what we’ve been able to do with Matterport’s digital twins. Together, we’ve set a new standard for immersive digital experiences.”

Now, through the magic of our digital twins, visitors from all around the world can access the fictional museum to discover the art pieces, delve into their fascinating history, search for easter eggs, and exit through the gift shop - just as if they were there in person. Even when the physical exhibition closes on September 25th, the digital twin will live on forever - capturing this moment in time in perfect detail, ready for further exploration. 

As Eley and Korins said, this is just the beginning of what’s possible for digital twins in the creative arts, and we have more exciting collaborations coming out soon. There’s incredible opportunity to engage fans and reach new audiences through these types of immersive experiences. So check out this incredible exhibition and be inspired! 


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