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Get inspired to design your dream kitchen by a unique shop in Germany

Visit’s digital twin of Lesniks Küchen, of a one-of-a-kind kitchen furniture store

Ready to jumpstart your kitchen’s decor, appliances or layout? Look no further than Lesniks Küchen’s reimagined kitchen studio, which worked with kitchen specialists to design spaces that are more than just cooking areas. Get familiar with the store’s layout and product offerings before you shop so that you can have a streamlined experience online or in person.

We caught up with Ilja Stepa, owner of, to learn more about how he used Matterport products to digitally transform Lesniks Küchen’s studio store into a 3D experience for online users. Read on to hear about the project and the company’s future plans with digital twins.

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

The first time I visited this newly opened kitchen studio I was really surprised by how much love and work the owners put into their project. The space, which I have known as a warehouse before, was beautiful. The new Lesniks Küchen studio is furnished with a lot of diligence, attention to detail, and a lot of taste, so I absolutely wanted to capture this place in 3D to make it accessible to the world through the magic of Matterport. 

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

We love to enable the users to explore each corner of our 3D spaces and experience the realism and accuracy from the coziness of their home — especially before they decide to visit it in person. They should also check out the additional views which the 3D digital twin offers such as the spectacular Dollhouse view. This feature never fails to delight users, according to the owners of the studio and their customers.

Lesniks kitchen blog 1

What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

We want the visitor of our spaces to feel surprised, excited, and, at the same time, comfortable handling and navigating the 3D space. It’s important to us to make the space intuitively usable and to keep the user entertained during their virtual visit to the space. Our goal is to create a flawless digital experience that will reflect a positive and professional perception of the brand and the visited location.

What are the benefits of your Matterport digital twin?

A digital twin enables people to visit spaces and locations regardless of the distance, opening times, and/or bad weather. They can experience the space as if they are actually on site. 

Thanks to the high resolution, as well as the intuitive navigating, the 3D spaces can be experienced interactively from any device, which increases the exposure of the location to the digital world. The different view options, such as the Dollhouse or the Floor Plan view, are additional bonuses, which in some cases might even surpass the viewing opportunities on-site.

Lesniks kitchen blog 2

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

Sure, we’re just getting started! We love to spread the word about the possibilities Matterport offers to businesses and institutions in today’s digital world — and we enjoy seeing the excitement from our customers after their location is finished and goes live as a digital twin. 

Besides private businesses, we are talking to institutions like museums, town halls, and exhibitions in order to show them the fantastic possibilities that digital twins are offering. We also are looking forward to extraordinary projects, like converting entire yachts into Matterport 3D spaces.

We are very excited to see how Matterport will progress and develop in the future and look forward to assisting our clients with the adaptation of 3D and VR-oriented technologies for their digital presentations and marketing.


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