Guest Post: How we generated 65% more business with Matterport

Opening up new markets and upselling current customers with immersive 3D media

Prior to purchasing our first Matterport 3D Camera, Beyond Gravity Media, Inc. started off as a small production company in the Southern California town of Moorpark. Our company mainly focused on real estate photography, videography, and aerial drone work. Back then, virtual reality was still in its infancy stage and many people did not truly understand the power of this new, innovative technology.

In 2014, Beyond Gravity Media took a chance and invested in Matterport’s immersive media platform, not knowing the type of effect it would have with our current local niche. Naturally, Beyond Gravity Media began pitching this new, innovative technology to our current real estate market. We quickly expanded into serving the luxury real estate market, as the demand for immersive 3D tours and VR was growing.

Since acquiring a Matterport camera, we have been able to upsell 40% of our existing client base to include the Matterport suite of services - across industries. By incorporating the Matterport suite into services we offer, we have also generated 65% more business over the last two years and expanded our footprint to service clientele all over the country. Our dedication to providing the highest quality scan services has also resulted in three of our early models being featured in the Matterport Gallery.

Expanding into new markets

We realized there was potential to use our camera in untapped markets, including hospitality, fitness gyms, RVs, yachts, and even the auto industry. When we began offering a comprehensive and innovative marketing package tailored to these industries, we started to see doors open. In short, it was a game changer for us.

The travel and hospitality industry is a natural market for Matterport’s 3D solution. Hotel guests are wanting to experience a destination prior to booking, which is something standard photography cannot offer. Through the years, Beyond Gravity Media has worked with local hotels, such as the Su Nido Inn located in Ojai, CA to bring an immersive 3D experience to its guests:

The Matterport 3D camera is a great tool for fitness gyms, since potential gym members want to explore the facility prior signing up for a membership. Beyond Gravity Media has worked with the YMCA and youth oriented gymnastic facilities to bring these immersive tours to their websites:

Another unlikely market for our immersive tours has been the RV industry. Whether individuals are looking to rent or purchase an RV, having access to an immersive tour makes the “shopping around” process for an RV more efficient. Beyond Gravity Media has partnered up with RV dealerships to capture this vertical market with our Matterport 3D camera:

In this past year, the yacht industry has shown to be a big supporter of these tours. Beyond Gravity Media has provided tours for many individuals looking to sell their yachts locally, nationally, and internationally.

Lastly, Beyond Gravity Media has entered the auto industry, including luxury car dealerships, the race car industry, and show cars.

Beyond Gravity Media has expanded from our local area to now servicing Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, San Diego, and San Francisco. As we continue to grow our business, we would like to thank Matterport for pioneering this amazing technology that has allowed a very important sector of our business to grow. Our goal is to provide the highest quality 3D experiences in addition to a variety of other digital media services.

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