How Matterport Virtual Walkthroughs Can Help Schools Reopen with Confidence

With a free Matterport Starter account, any school can capture, plan and share COVID-compliant campuses in immersive 3D with their communities. We’re also happy to offer a complimentary 3D scan to the first 50 K-12 schools in the US that qualify.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the spring of 2020, causing schools to shut down around the world, the question on everybody’s mind was: when will we be able to safely reopen them?

Six months later, we are still asking the same question. Not just for the sake of all our childrens’ developmental health, but because of the larger impact school shutdowns are having on teachers, families, and the economy. Parents are finding it harder and harder to juggle homeschooling duties, jobs, and overall physical and mental wellness without the predictability and stability a school routine provides.

Complete an application to receive a free Matterport Starter plan and request a complimentary 3D scan.

We believe that Matterport’s groundbreaking 3D virtual platform can be a key ingredient in helping schools reopen safely as soon as local restrictions are lifted. To help facilitate this, we are offering qualified K-12 schools free access to the Matterport platform so they can capture and share a digital twin of their institutions in full and immersive 3D, and easily collaborate on ways to make them safe for all.

Here are four reasons how Matterport can help schools safely reopen:

  1. Planning: A Matterport digital twin is a great asset for COVID-compliant planning. The facilities team can easily figure out how students will walk through hallways, enter and exit bathrooms, and access sanitation stations in Floorplan view. They can also configure classrooms and common areas, like the cafeteria, so that seating is accurately distanced with Measurement Mode. In addition, giving First Responders access to a digital twin of the school provides them with vital information - such as entry and access points - in case an emergency strikes.

  2. Safety: It’s critical for everyone to understand how the new flow of the school is following COVID regulations and keeping everyone safe. Once a school has reconfigured classrooms, the directional flow of common spaces, and where everyone can find sanitizing stations, they can share a Matterport tour with students, parents and school faculty to familiarize themselves before they head back. They’ll gain peace of mind knowing that all precautions have been taken, as well as what to expect in the classroom and common areas. Images, links and videos can be embedded to further explain what has been done to ensure their safety.

  1. Transparency: A Matterport virtual tour gives everyone full visibility into how the school will operate in a COVID world. This level of transparency is readily accessible by anyone with permission to access the link. In addition, prospective students and parents can safely visit the school virtually, eliminating the need for physical tours, which also saves administrators hours conducting school tours throughout the year.

4. Confidence: A Matterport digital twin provides everyone the information they need to feel more confident about going back to school safely during these unprecedented times. Full transparency and visibility can help restore normalcy in our communities again.

See how Devonshire Park Primary virtually welcomes visitors with Matterport.

If you represent a US elementary or high school, fill out this form to receive a free Matterport Starter plan and request a complimentary 3D scan! We're excited to Matterport the first 50 schools that qualify.

For those who want to capture their schools immediately once they receive their free Matterport Starter account, there are several options: 

  • Use an iPhone or an iPad. If you already own a compatible iOS device, try capturing and sharing a classroom or two completely free before making a camera purchase. 

  • Use a compatible 360 camera. Available on sites like, 360 cameras offer a fast, affordable and portable way to capture large spaces.

  • Use a Matterport Pro2 camera. The gold standard of 3D capture creates digital twins with stunning clarity, accuracy and detail. Get $400 off through November 1, 2020 with promo code 400PR2HW. 

  • If you prefer to not do it yourself, we have a global network of professionals who can capture your school and create a digital twin for you. Just let us know if you prefer this option when you sign up, and we’ll connect you. Note, you still need to sign up for a free Matterport Starter Plan to host and share your school’s Matterport digital twin with teachers, administrators, students, parents and first responders.

We are eager to help get society and our communities going again, beginning with our schools. To start capturing your digital twin, get started with a free Matterport Starter plan. Do it today! You may be one of US elementary or high schools that get a free scan from us!

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