How Treedis Virtual Experiences are Saving Real-World Businesses

Treedis develops best-in-class visualization tools to help businesses stay open

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In a world decimated financially due to the unrelenting nature of COVID-19, brick and mortar stores need solutions to sell products during virtual tours, real estate agents must virtually stage empty properties, museums supplement evaporating revenue with interactive games, and companies must move in-person conferences to the online world.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Treedis believes every business, from mom and pop bakeries to Fortune 500 companies, needs a virtual solution in a pandemic-riddled landscape that’s forcing consumers to rely upon online experiences more than ever.

Enter Treedis, the Matterport-scanning experts of four-plus years who started their business for a few simple reasons. As the world switches to digital solutions, it became clear to the team that any real-world space — homes, office buildings, schools, stores, hospitals, gyms, and more — deserved to be displayed by the newest and most inspiring technologies.

“That’s Matterport to us,” says Omer Shamay, Co-Founder of Treedis, a technology marketing venture that increases sales and provides best-in-class marketing visualization tools. “Once we realized it, it was clear that we should go with Matterport to scan every space out there. After scanning, we realized every industry has its own needs, which is how Treedis was born.”

Omer Shamay

Treedis worked tirelessly to make its realization a reality via developer tools jam-packed with features that showcase and highlight the most critical elements of a property. It’s what took the company to the next level as the leading Matterport provider in the Middle East and currently the most advanced overlay solution on the market. 

“Our primary goal has been to give more value to our community and allow them to offer more to their clients,” says Shamay. “This will always remain our main objective and will guide us through everything we do.”

The Treedis-Matterport marriage is proving to be a panacea with all the features a business can desire. Treedis enhances the Matterport platform by allowing customized solutions to clients worldwide for a multitude of industries and markets. 

In commenting on his team’s accomplishments, Shamay says, “I think the key element to our success is our culture. We’re always optimistic about doing more with the technology, and we have the passion and the work ethic to back that up. In addition, we really value quality customer service and always listen to our clients. Whenever they have a development request, we make sure to follow up and do our best to deliver. I believe a software company, which may not see and feel its clients every day, must still do everything it can to ‘cover the distance’ and create fruitful communication channels.”

Shamay has a Rolodex of satisfied patrons across a plethora of industries not only because of incredible customer service but also due to a multitude of software features. As a Matterport Platform Partner, Treedis uses Matterport APIs and SDKs to develop lead-generation, live-chat, analytics, e-commerce, virtual staging, and gaming solutions, resulting in over 100 million visitors to immersive spaces per month.

“Our platform enables Matterport providers to add a variety of options to their virtual tour — their final product,” states Shamay. “They can add both their logo and their client’s logo, create a few navigation menus to showcase multiple tours together, add custom icons and media files to their tags, and even display multiple pop-ups, which could be a lead form, promotion image, video, or many other things, to specific places in the tour.”

WhatsApp image 1

Another client perk is an ability to white label the solution to remove any Treedis signs to then pitch the complete service to their end clients, which is extremely valuable. Additional features include translation tools to adjust tours to desired languages, pay-per-visits to charge entry into online events, and custom minimaps assist with navigation to add another interactive element to tours. 

Additional features include the panorama, which allows drone images, and live video chats. This latter aspect has quickly become a hot commodity. Shamay elaborates.

Our live video chat features have a few key components. They’re based on broadcasting and not screen sharing, which makes it very powerful for the Matterport experience. It’s very simple and easy to use; a link and you’re in. It’s connected to an appointment system that lets users book meetings with their respective agents or salespeople in a very simple way. This feature is utilized more than 70,000 minutes per month by clients worldwide. Our Matterport providers have been able to upsell using this feature and expand their offering, which is so important these days.”

Video Tour Treedis

Treedis’ biggest nut to crack going forward is arguably e-commerce solutions. The company is capitalizing on its existing features while developing fresh ones. It’s creating a new e-commerce “mode” where features will fit an online 3D store's needs to enable shoppers to have their entire buying experience take place within a Matterport tour. This means zero toggling back and forth between a tour and a web store. 

“We want to maximize the benefit of both worlds: the convenience of a regular online store and the exciting experience of actually walking in a store and not just browsing the web looking for products,” concludes Shamay. “To achieve this, we're developing an API integration, starting with Shopify, and later on hopefully following up with WooCommerce and any other e-commerce solutions that are out there. Of course, clients can start their own webshop through our platform simply by entering different information, or data points, of their product.”

As the platform expands, the company continues to take the necessary time and effort to make sure every feature is constantly perfected, and it encourages anyone looking to take a deeper dive into the Treedis solution to check out their Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals

Treedis is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport’s APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize their apps and integrations with our market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, they gain access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help them successfully monetize their applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit


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