Improve the speed and accuracy of underwriting, risk inspection and claims

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Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, or a property owner, Matterport can provide accurate, transparent, and thorough documentation for underwriting, pricing, risk control, and claims purposes.  

Matterport creates as-built digital twins of all types of properties, enabling clients and stakeholders to explore and evaluate a single document of truth.  Matterport Platform Partners extend the value of your digital twin by providing additional, innovative tools and functionality. Check out the offerings below and join us on June 30 for Space Jam, the one, and only Matterport Platform Partner Demo event. Learn how Partners can influence your claims process with live demos and Q&A with each partner. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite presentation in this live event! 

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mpartial creates timely, accurate estimates for faster and fairer claims settlement. Building upon Matterport technology, the mpartialScope tool extracts the relevant data embedded within pre-mitigation and post-mitigation scans and subsequently renders an Xactimate or Symbility estimate that can be approved by a Carrier without hesitation.  This software helps contractors generate mitigation and repair estimates for more rapid approvals from insurance carriers while relieving burdensome administrative processes. Each mpartial estimate is produced with objective accuracy, using immersive 3D imagery and precise physical and geospatial measurements.

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Use this solution for: 

  • Increasing productivity

  • Automation of mundane, repetitive tasks

  • Reduced litigation

  • Faster claims resolution

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Nspect takes 3D data and creates layers on top that show what your team needs to see. This could be a virtual inspection, a restoration tour, or a work plan for a site on how to repair and maintain a property. With their API, you can take this 3D data and place it in the tools you use every day, or keep it with them and have complete, instant access to the issues that your teams need to address.

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Use this solution for: 

  • Virtual site inspection

  • Maintain safety requirements while processing claims

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Streamline end-to-end claims management, improve claims outcomes, and fight fraud with tools, analytics, and proprietary databases. Their technology, software, and professional alliances create valuable products and services for insurers, brokers, agents, services providers, educators, and more. Learn more about their Matterport integration in the Space Jam event. 

Use this solution to: 

  • Reduce claim processing time 

  • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

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During this special edition of Space Jam, along with partner solutions, we’ll also jump into Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate. Join us on June 30, 2022 for Space Jam, to accelerate the success of your insurance business with groundbreaking tools. Come ready to learn and vote for your favorite solution during this Matterport Partner Insurance-focused demo event.  

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