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Introducing Better, Faster, Stronger Cloud service

Maximize engagement with Links in Mattertag™ Posts | Faster load times with Quickstart | Add context with room Labels

Our recent releases make your content faster and more informative, so you and your clients get more out of every 3D Showcase.

Links in Mattertag™ Posts

Engage viewers, connect multiple Spaces, and link to additional information or resources with links in Mattertag ™ Posts. Delight your audiences by giving them everything they need in a single place.

Use links in Posts to:

  • Direct visitors to read more about what they just saw

  • Provide a call to action right in your Space to increase engagement and drive specific business metrics

  • Connect multiple Spaces together so you can guide visitors to similar Spaces, like homes in a neighborhood or floors of a skyscraper (which are not connected by stairs)

  • Add documentation or other resources to objects and areas

See the Space below for sample Mattertag™ Posts with links! 


Download our White Paper for ideas on how to use links in Mattertag™ Posts across industries to enrich your Spaces.



Labels in 3D Showcase

Visitors will understand the layout of a Space immediately with Labels. Now the names you give to rooms or areas within a Space can show up in 3D Showcase.


Use Labels to:

  • Highlight amenities

  • Provide clarity when rooms or areas are not readily identifiable

  • Mark where future rooms or areas will be during construction or renovation



Labels in 3D Showcase




Now visitors enjoy next-to-no delay when popping into a 3D Showcase. Quickstart - automatically applied to all Spaces - drops visitors into your Space so they can explore immediately.

In a mobile-ready world where load times are key to engaging visitors and minimizing bounces and drop-off, Quickstart ensures your 3D Showcases work for you on the broadest range of devices and connection speeds possible.

Quickstart has decreased Space load time by up to 50% on desktop, and up to 75% on mobile devices.

Expect to see load speeds averaging 1.5 seconds on desktop, and 2 seconds or less on mobile devices.