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Introducing New Multi-floor Features in 3D Showcase

Matterport was founded on the idea that 3D media should be accessible, affordable, and easy. When we launched 3D Showcase™ last year, it gave people—for the first time—the ability to easily capture and share remote spaces from anywhere in the world. Beyond simply capturing the look and feel of spaces, Matterport also provides a totally new perspective on how a space actually flows together. This is something you can’t get even from being there in person.

In the time since 3D Showcase has been on the market, we've received great feedback on the Matterport platform and how it's being used. What we’ve learned is that we can make the experience even more immersive by providing enhanced visualization and easier navigation in spaces with multiple levels.

The newest release of 3D Showcase—launched yesterday—does just that. Take a closer look at how these enhancements affect the three viewing modes in 3D Showcase.



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  • Dollhouse View
    • Our enhancements to dollhouse view allow users to peel back floors one-by-one, providing an understanding for how different levels fit together in three dimensions, while offering an unobstructed view of lower floors.
  • Floorplan View
    • Floorpan View has always offered an orthogonal, top-down view of a property. With the floors navigation enhancement, users can now toggle between floors in Floorplan View, rather than seeing only the top floor of a model. This allows enhanced space planning for applications like interior design.
  • Inside View
    • Previously, users of Inside View had to make their way to a staircase to ascend or descend to different floors. With this new navigation, users can toggle between floors, as if in a virtual elevator.


The new feature suite also extends to Matterport Workshop, where you are now able to associate measurements and annotations with specific levels within a model.

Everyone’s Invited

All models created after November 3rd, 2014, will automatically update to include these new navigational and visualization features, so many of you will see the benefits right away.

We released the latest version of 3D Showcase yesterday, and we can't wait for you to give these newest features a spin by going to our Try It page or exploring your own models.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.