Know Before You Go: Top Reasons to Join Matterport and AWS at Hannover Messe 2024

Know Before You Go: Top Reasons to Join Matterport and AWS at Hannover Messe 2024 teaser

Hannover Messe 2024 leads the forefront of industrial innovation, and this year we are excited to announce that Matterport is joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the third year in a row, in a co-sponsorship to showcase our joint digital twin solutions for manufacturing, operations management, and smart buildings to drive new levels of efficiency, safety, and innovation.

#1 Meet with Matterport and AWS Experts and Experience the Future at Our Booth

Embark on a journey into the future of industrial operations by visiting us at Hall 15, Booth D76 (Get directions). Here, you'll get an up-close look at how the partnership of Matterport and AWS is reshaping the way businesses visualize and optimize their manufacturing operations. Whether it's enhancing facility asset performance, increasing equipment uptime, or improving field operations with real-time data, our demo will showcase the transformative power of our combined technologies.

If you would like to set up a meeting ahead of the conference, reach out to us directly at [email protected].

#2 Learn and Engage with Industry Leaders in Our Speaking Sessions

Our collaboration takes center stage in two speaking sessions within the AWS in-booth theater, featuring insights from Invista and Amazon Fresh.

Unlocking Operational Excellence: Invista's Digital Twin Journey

  • Speakers: Grant Johnson (Invista), Pallavi Chari (AWS), and Brittany Schramm (Matterport)

  • Date & Time: April 22nd, at 3pm CET

  • Abstract: Join us for a compelling exploration into how Invista leads digital twin innovation. Discover the strategic decision-making process behind their adoption of Matterport's spatial data platform and its seamless integration with AWS's TwinMaker solution. Learn about the transformative impacts experienced by Invista, including dynamic visualizations that have reduced downtime significantly with rapid data search, widened knowledge access, and improved overall production costs.

Delivering Contextual Predictive Maintenance with Amazon Monitron and Matterport

  • Speakers: Yibo Liang (AWS) and Nicola-Marie Noritz (Matterport)

  • Date & Time: April 24th, at 2pm CET

  • Abstract: Learn how to harness the power of Amazon Monitron and Matterport combined with GenAI capabilities to deliver advanced predictive maintenance solutions. Understand the challenges of managing sensor data and how our integrated approach simplifies failure resolution while enhancing maintenance programs through 3D spatial visualization.

Sign up for these Matterport and AWS sessions here.

Check out the full AWS Theatre schedule here.

#3 In-Booth Demos: View Our Joint Solutions in Action

Don’t miss our in-booth IIoT demos at the AWS Partner Showcase Zone located in Hall 15, Booth D76 (Get directions), showcasing solutions that combine the power of Matterport, AWS, and our partners. These demos will highlight the value of IIoT and digital twins to drive operational excellence. 

Demo 1: The Vodafone IIoT Experience

Located in the Sustainability section of the AWS Partner Showcase Zone

In collaboration with Vodafone, IFM, and Treedis, we present an immersive demonstration that epitomizes the transformative potential of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital twins. This hands-on experience showcases our joint solution within the AWS partner section, offering attendees a firsthand look at how these technologies synergize to foster unparalleled operational excellence. 

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the integration of IIoT devices with digital twin technology for real-time monitoring and management.

  • Witness the seamless collaboration between Matterport, AWS, Vodafone, IFM, and Treedis in action.

  • Understand the benefits of employing digital twins to optimize operational workflows and streamline decision-making processes.

Demo 2: E-Bike Smart Factory

Located in the Sustainability section of the AWS Partner Showcase Zone

Dive into the world of smart manufacturing with our e-Bike Smart Factory demo, illustrating a comprehensive solution powered by AWS and its partners. This scenario involves a forward-thinking company at the forefront of e-bike production for a global bike-sharing program. Faced with the challenge of scaling up production to meet seasonal demand, the company leverages AWS services to revolutionize its manufacturing process.


  • Addressing the high season production challenge through enhanced inventory insights and reducing faulty product metrics.


  • Employing AWS services to aggregate, contextualize, and analyze operational technology data across three critical workstations in the production line: welding, sealing, and inspection.

Use-Cases Explored:

  • Anomaly Detection & Asset Monitoring: Early identification of irregularities and performance monitoring to ensure operational continuity.

  • Sustainability & Inventory Visibility: Optimizing resource usage and gaining accurate insights into material stocks for better environmental and operational outcomes.

  • Quality Insights & Guided Troubleshooting: Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to enhance product quality and facilitate prompt issue resolution.

  • Demand & Supply Planning: Integrating predictive analytics for accurate forecasting and efficient supply chain management.

  • Predictive Maintenance & Defect Detection: Utilizing AI-driven models for preemptive maintenance scheduling and identifying manufacturing defects before they impact quality.

These demos offer a glimpse into a future where digital twins, IIoT, and advanced analytics seamlessly converge to redefine manufacturing and operational processes. 

#4 Main Stage Presentation

Be sure to attend the AWS and Vodafone speaking session on the 5G and Industrial Wireless Conference Stage (Hall 14 Stand H06) on April 23rd, from 2:50-3:15pm CEST, titled “Improve operations with 5G Private Networks, digital twins, and edge computing” to learn more about the joint collaboration between Vodafone, AWS, Matterport, IFM, and Treedis. Co-hosted by AWS and Vodafone, this session delves into the convergence of 5G networks, edge computing, and digital twins, illustrating how these technologies collectively pave the way for transformative industrial manufacturing solutions. Check out the session details here.

Why Matterport and AWS?

The partnership between Matterport and AWS is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment to driving operational excellence. Together, we drive remote monitoring and service management, enabling centralized monitoring of equipment and operations, which fosters sustainability by saving travel time and enhancing efficiency through contextually informed decision-making. Predictive maintenance is streamlined through access to real-time data, allowing for root-cause analysis and predictive insights that increase equipment uptime and optimize production, ultimately saving costs on maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the training and onboarding process is transformed, accelerating the ramp-up of new employees by providing immersive and interactive learning experiences within digital twins. This scales knowledge transfer globally, increases employee effectiveness, and improves health and safety through remote training, showcasing the powerful synergy between Matterport and AWS in driving operational excellence and innovation.

Join us at Hannover Messe 2024 to witness the future of industrial operations firsthand. Together, Matterport and AWS are not just envisioning the future; we're building it.


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