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La Mar: Explore Bayside Dining on the Embarcadero in 3D

La Mar is unassuming from the street. A modest sign marks its small entryway in the Embarcadero-facing stone facade of Pier 1 1/2. Behind the building, a diminutive temporary public dock lets boaters tie off and grab a bite on dry land. From the Embarcadero, you’d never guess that the restaurant opens up into an airy, expansive dining venue that could accommodate anything from a wedding reception to a dance party.

And that’s the whole problem.

If you’ve ever found yourself browsing restaurants online, desperately seeking some indication of the feel of a restaurant, we know your pain. Before making plans, you want to understand whether a space works for you. Will there be enough lighting for grandma? How private is that “private dining room” mentioned on the website? Maybe you’re planning a reception or event and need to know how a space flows; or perhaps you’re looking for that perfect proposal table.

Matterport’s models are being used to help guests get an accurate sense of a restaurant before they visit, changing the way people plan those special nights out.

La Mar exemplifies the challenge of conveying the spirit of a space online through conventional media. The main dining room offers high ceilings, an open floor plan, and floor-to-ceiling windows with sunlight filtering through white linen shades. A wrap-around bar lines the kitchen and prep area, connecting the main dining room with a small row of half-booths that accommodate smaller parties. By the front entryway, a separate street-view bar with high-tops can be rented for private for events.

Toward the waterfront, a long buffet-style chef’s table sits beside the kitchen - a more intimate setting for large parties and special occasions. Then there’s the outdoor patio, where guests can enjoy empanadas and ceviche bayside.

With all these options, it’s difficult to envision exactly what La Mar has to offer without being there. Words don’t provide a complete sense of the spirit of La Mar, and the celebration of life that is reflected in the cuisine and the refreshing, friendly decor.

That’s why we took our camera down to the pier and scanned it for ourselves, and for you. Click on the 3D model below to explore La Mar as if you were there.

Our goal in scanning La Mar was to capture its spirit, in addition to its layout. In some ways, Matterport models are better than being there, because you can get a bird’s eye view of a total space, immediately understanding the overall flow and relationships between areas. Our 3D media and platforms like it are quickly transforming how we look at real-world spaces because they provide an expanded understanding of layout, flow, and spatial relationships.

Imagine a future where you can take a virtual stroll through any restaurant, and even reserve your perfect table online. We think it’s this future is just around the corner.

To see how they’ve used our model on their own site, visit La Mar online.