Letter from the CEO: Charting a Greener Path with Digital Twins for the Built World

Over the past year, political instability, the war in Ukraine, global supply chain issues, economic volatility, inequality and severe climate events were just some of the challenges faced by businesses, people and our planet. Against this backdrop of uncertainty, we’re also living in a time of great opportunity. Companies like Matterport have a significant role to play in addressing many of these challenges, helping to ensure a brighter future and better world for our next generation. 

Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform fundamentally improves the way people access, understand, and utilize their properties. Accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability are built directly into our business model, embedded in our values and woven into the fabric of our existence. They are reflected in our workplace, workforce and culture and underpin the framework for how we do business. Our mission to make every space more valuable and accessible is directly tied to our commitment to ESG in ways that can have a huge impact on the world and help move the needle for humanity in the right direction. This is what drives us forward. 

Our 3D digital twins, along with our AI data capabilities, create a positive impact by connecting the world. Our technology is freely available to anyone with a smartphone. For example, our Exploration to Equity philanthropic program opens virtual doors to museums, historic sites, monuments and places of social significance, bringing them to life for people who may not get to see them in person, and at the same time, democratizing access to physical spaces. 

For our customers, every solution begins with a digital twin, which provides unique insights and versatile assets that empower them to effectively market, manage and build properties. Our technology has the power to digitally transform operations, processes and activities that take place in the approximately four billion existing buildings and structures around the world. Our AI-powered capabilities — made possible through our technical leadership in spatial data, computer vision and deep learning — generate insights that help customers make smart decisions, faster. Plus, our new automated capabilities further reduce the need for frequent site visits and travel, providing a significant impact against our customers’ sustainability goals. 

In this report you’ll read about some of our new innovations that expand the use of our digital twins to answer an endless variety of business-critical questions that enable our customers to make better decisions more quickly — from anywhere in the world. We’re especially proud to highlight a new tool we’re building to help our customers determine how much carbon emissions they avoid, and the amount of time and money they save, when using our Digital Twin Platform.

We’ve also made significant strides internally as we evolve and progress on our own ESG journey. In 2022, we shared our first ESG Report. Since last year, we have taken some big steps to reduce our own carbon footprint by taking a look at our facilities, clearly laying out expectations for our suppliers and revamping our entire Pro3 camera supply chain to become more sustainable. This year, we again partnered with an outside carbon accounting firm to help us better understand our climate footprint, and while we’re still in the early stages of developing our environmental strategy, we are committed to environmental stewardship and transparency. 

I believe deeply in the purpose and potential of our company and in our Matterpeeps around the world who fuel our innovation and dedication to creating a legacy of positive impact. I’m proud of what we accomplished in 2022 and am looking forward to improving on our efforts in the days and years to come.

RJ Pittman Chairman and CEO

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