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Maniniholo Dry Cave

Explore This! Witness the natural beauty of the Maniniholo dry cave, one of several sea caves located near Kauai’s North Shore. Legend has it that Maniniholo was the name of the head fisherman of the menehune, Kauai’s mythical little people. The menehune fisherman dug this cave in search of an evil beast, akua, who had been stealing their fish. Myths aside, the cave was actually formed by thousands of years of erosion from ocean waves beating against the lava rock, carving out the cavernous grotto.

Maniniholo dry cave is 300 yards deep and leads to a small exit hole on the side of the mountain. The cave’s interior used to be much larger but a 1957 tsunami partially filled the cave with sand. Take some time to explore this dry cave while visiting the North Shore.

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Model Title: Maniniholo Dry Cave
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Location: Kauai, Hawaii