Matter Stories: Satya Muralidharan, VP, Quality Engineering

Matter Stories is a series exploring the people driving Matterport’s mission to make every building and space more valuable and accessible.

Tell us about yourself. (Where are you located, career journey, what brought you to this industry?)

Satya Muralidharan headshot

I am based in Austin, Texas, and my professional journey began in 2004 as a software engineer at PepsiCo, where I tackled customer challenges through software solutions. Problem-solving in the software domain has always been both enjoyable and rewarding for me. I pursued further education in the US, earning a Master's degree, and subsequently worked in the healthcare and telecom sectors. While management wasn't my initial choice, I embraced the opportunity, investing diligent efforts into the role, recognizing that success in any endeavor hinges on the effort invested.

My enthusiasm lies in Matterport's 3D technology, particularly automation, a field where I find immense gratification. My drive is fueled by a lineage of passionate and educated women in my family, inspiring my commitment to continuous self-improvement. I am excited about the chance to contribute to the automation efforts in the 3D domain, leveraging my experience and dedication to make meaningful contributions.  

What excites you most about your role?

I am excited about my current position at Matterport for several reasons, which align closely with my professional aspirations and personal values.

Firstly, it has always been my passion and ambition to contribute meaningfully to the lives of those with disabilities, and this aspiration has crystallized into my work in the realm of accessibility. I am privileged to have been entrusted by Matterport to spearhead this initiative, enabling me to make a tangible difference in this vital area.

Secondly, the collaborative atmosphere and the commitment to embody the three core dimensions of Matterport in our daily operations are aspects I deeply appreciate. The supportive and encouraging environment within the team, especially in the R&D department, fosters an ethos of excellence. 

Lastly, having the opportunity to develop and implement a roadmap for test automation allows me to contribute significantly to our organization's efficiency and effectiveness.

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment or favorite project at Matterport? What was it, were there any challenges, and how was it successful?

My most cherished endeavor with Matterport lies in the evolution of Matterport for mobile. Initially, our journey commenced with an iPad application limited to specified cameras featuring 360 and Matterport Pro cameras. Since then, our trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. We've soared to new heights by incorporating iOS and Android support across a plethora of devices, integrating numerous external cameras, and unveiling the flagship Pro3 camera. Yet, perhaps the pinnacle of this journey is the introduction of Smart Phone Capture, allowing users to capture spaces directly from the camera in our pockets.

Throughout this project, I've had the privilege to wear multiple hats, serving as both a quality engineer, a development engineer and an automation engineer . Together, we labored diligently to bring this vision to fruition. With Matterport for Mobile, no space remains beyond reach. It places the future of digitizing the built world literally at our fingertips. Whether generating a digital twin, or sharing your creations on social media, the possibilities are boundless. Now accessible on any device, Matterport for Mobile represents the epitome of innovation and accessibility in digital space capture.

Are you involved in any programs such as EMERGE, Matterport Cares, ERGs etc., if so why? What’s been a memorable experience?

I have been in EMERGE as a mentor, co-lead for AAPI ERG for two years and now a co-lead for our ADAPT ERG at Matterport. I have had so much fun with the Matterport Cares event. The most memorable and recent one for me is organizing the building bikes event for our PDE (Product Design & Engineering) conference with Steven Yarger. It was fun and rewarding to watch us build bikes for kids in need. Being in ERG groups, it's an opportunity to both give and learn at the same time. My co-leads Bernard, Simeon, Praveen and now Darren have all been extremely helpful in sharing their ideas and journey.

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