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Matterpeeps: Meet Mike

Get to know Matterpeep, Mike
Mike Matterpeep

Mike isn’t afraid to ask questions. His enthusiasm and drive to find answers to the why's and how's led him to Matterport. Before joining the team over five years ago, Mike worked in residential and real estate search technology. He was acutely aware of the inefficiencies and roadblocks within the industry. So when he stumbled across a Matterport listing on, he had one question, “How are they doing that?”

“A year into the role, I really saw what Matterport could be from a problem-solving standpoint.”

Mike aims to put himself in his customers’ shoes and strives to understand their fundamental needs. He said he loves hearing clients say, "I don't have to do that anymore," after they’ve implemented Matterport. He’s motivated by being part of a culture that is ever-evolving and transforming industries that have been begging for change.

“Mike is one of the most tenured sales reps at Matterport. His knowledge of the product across all industries is impressive. The logos he has brought to the company through his consultative and solutions sales approach has helped change the way Matterport does business. I don't think anyone has had more impact on this company than him.” - (nominator)

When Mike looks to the future, he's most excited for what's yet to come. He believes that Matterport technology has just begun to scratch the surface of its potential as a more innovative product to make people's lives easier.

"The customers are the real drivers here. They're the ones innovating and bringing new ideas to us. It's the problems they want to solve with Matterport. It's my job to help them make a positive impact on their organization.”

Mike can't wait for the day when Matterport becomes a verb in households around the globe.

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