Matterpeeps: Meet Pam

Get to know Matterpeep, Pam

Pam Matterpeep

Pam calls herself a private person but exudes warmth and friendliness. She jokes that now that her son is headed off to college, she’ll need to find a new hobby. When she’s not gardening, cooking, or reading mysteries, you can find her and her son volunteering their time and doing service work within their community of Lawrence, Kansas. It’s this “give-back” spirit that makes her an invaluable person to have on the team. 

As a true reflection of her character, Pam found her way to Matterport by way of recommendation. Colleagues she has known and worked with over the last 20 years were her initial introduction, but since then she’s made countless more positive impressions. 

“Pam is brilliant, kind, and cares about her craft.” - (nominator) 

As an engineer, Pam is responsible for “making sure people really enjoy using our product.” And for Pam, it's been the perfect crossover between a technical challenge and the highly visual, engaging medium of capturing space. She’s always been interested in architecture and interior design and finds herself enjoying the day-to-day analysis of floor plans, buildings, and properties. However, she’s most inspired by the potential for Matterport’s technology to touch lives in less expected ways. 

I’ve been a part of companies where it’s just working for working sake. Here we can make an impact . . . There’s so much more we could do with the technology. What could we do specifically to help people understand what other people face? It’s such a visual medium, we can do that . . . We can help people see different spaces and have different cultural experiences. There’s so much opportunity for social justice and inclusion.” 

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