Matterport Accelerates Past Five Million Spaces Under Management

Celebrating over 5 million spaces captured with a list of our favorite digital twins!

In an incredible milestone, Matterport just raced past 5 million spaces captured in over 150 countries around the world. That’s more than 15bn square feet of physical space that our heroic customers from all over the world have digitized. 

To put that number into perspective, that’s like digitizing all of New York City, five times over. And those amazing captures are not just of homes, they are also of schools, museums, factories, offices, oil rigs, cars, yachts, planes, caves, and so much more. Every one of them serves a purpose to bring us closer together, to make the built world more accessible, and to deliver more value from the places that we use and inhabit every single day.

On top of this, our customers have used thousands of cameras to make this amazing achievement happen, including the category-leading Matterport Pro2 camera, the fast and easy 360s you can buy anywhere, to the camera that’s right in your pocket on your iPhone.

So to celebrate this milestone, I’d love to share 10 amazing spaces that we all love:

  1. Pharaoh Ramesses VI Tomb

  2. Symphony of the Seas Cruise

  3. The Starbucks Coffee Farm Experience 

  4. World Market Virtual Retail Store

  5. The Sigmund Freud Museum in London

  6. The Nike Store in Milan

  7. St. Andreas Church in Greece

  8. The Rosa Parks Bus

  9. The Lego Experience in Covent Garden

  10. Tomb of Menna in the Theban Necropolis

5M spaces infographic


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