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The Matterport Community Celebrates One Year

The who, what and why

This week Matterport’s Community celebrates it’s first anniversary! It was in mid June last year that we officially launched, with only a handful of members. Today the Matterport Community represents thousands of users from all over the world. 

‘Why did you launch your own community’, you may wonder, ‘when there are numerous already out there, and new ones popping up every year’? Well, that's exactly the point. We’re thrilled that there are so many conversations happening, but with so many communities / user groups spanning multiple languages and nationalities, we are not able to stay on top of what's being said across them, while also working in our labs to create new features to improve our system for everyone.

Other community forums serve a great purpose...for Matterport users to share questions with one another, as well as ideas, and even frustrations, and we are excited about each and every one of them, but we wanted an efficient and effective way for you to converse directly with us.  A place for you to share your ideas and thoughts and know, versus just hope, that they will be read by our team. A place for you to ask your specific questions, where you can get accurate answers straight from the source. A place where you can informally ask questions of us, perhaps if only to hear our thoughts or intentions.

Similarly we wanted a place where we could pose questions back, and get your open and honest feedback. As I'm sure you agree, encouraging direct communication between Matterport employees and customers helps us to better serve your needs and respond to your ideas. So came the birth of the official Matterport Community, run and read by Matterport employees.

Our Product, Marketing and Engineering teams actively contribute to the Community and appreciate the input and direct feedback you have provided. Many of us, myself included, have set up private meetings with a number of you to hear further about the ideas you've shared. For all of us, and especially the engineers building our product, these conversations are incredibly insightful and valuable. They help us understand your requirements for new features as well as for improving the existing infrastructure of our platform.  

We've heard from many of you that we've recently been ‘delivering in all cylinders’. You can thank yourselves and your peers because this is a direct result of the thoughts you have been sharing with us. Your input contributed to the expedited creation of Multimedia Mattertag Posts, as well as the delivery of 360 Snapshots and Teaser Videos. And best of all, we’re just getting started!! :) 

In early May we migrated the Community platform from Answerhub to Zendesk. This was done in part so that our customers could more easily find and surface answers and tools to their questions and concerns as Zendesk is the platform we use to host our Help Center.  While many things are better, we recognize that some are not. Over time we hope to add more features and improve the community experience. For now, look out for a few key changes such as the expanded the number of sections to better represent various types of customers including VR, Agents & Brokers, AEC and Matterport Scenes.  

This week, in celebration of our community’s one year anniversary, we highlighted four outstanding community members via social media:

  • Lisa Hinson (5D Photography)
  • Chris Hickman (Metroplex360)
  • Justin Vaughn (Virtual3D Homes)
  • Bill Robinson (Capture It 3D) 

These members have gone above and beyond in participating and contributing their support and feedback. I want to personally and publicly thank them, as well as the rest of you who have already contributed. And for those of you who have not yet ‘set foot in our community’, please, don't be shy. If you have feedback or ideas to share with our teams, we welcome you to join the conversation.

Thank you!!