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Matterport enters South African market

Matterport and The Link Media collaborate to provide Matterport products and services across South Africa

The Link Media, a professional creative agency based in Pretoria, South Africa, is the first to offer clients in South Africa Matterport’s world-class 3D capture solutions and products including the Matterport Pro2 camera.

“The global pandemic has necessitated and ushered an insatiable demand for remote enterprise and personal engagement,” said Phenyo Dontache of The Link Media. “By distributing Matterport solutions, we are assisting local businesses and their clients adjust to the new normal. With Matterport, they can promote and reach prospects near and far in signature, immersive 3D experiences that blur the gap between reality and the digital world.”

The Link Media has decades of experience with diverse enterprises in South African markets, which enables them to translate Matterport’s 3D solutions into each client’s brand and vision — all while improving their digital capabilities and engagement objectives. Working with small and medium-sized businesses, the company’s software development team focuses on sustainable enterprise solutions that take advantage of Matterport’s continually expanding APIs and SDKs to build new apps, create exceptional 3D experiences and increase workflow efficiency.

For construction and property clients, The Link Media is leveraging Matterport’s digital twin innovations to optimize operation and management processes as a start-to-finish building lifecycle power tool.

Beyond helping local businesses, The Link Media hopes to destigmatize and resolve the South African digital divide crisis through the use of Matterport’s digital twin technology. By providing these services to local clients, the company highlights the unique global partnership opportunities that 3D digital technology creates, including a reimagining of current techniques and virtual collaboration on a continental scale, in real-time.

“We look forward to assisting businesses everywhere to seamlessly integrate Matterport as part of competitive strategies aligned with the fourth industrial revolution,” Phenyo said.

With Matterport’s Channel Partner Program, companies across the world can join our growing network of specials to help drive and transform the built world into 3D digital spaces through our expert products and solutions. To learn more about our program and become a partner, register today at


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