Matterport for iPhone with LiDAR Support is Here

Download the free app to capture immersive 3D spaces

Matterport’s goal is to digitally transform the built world. That means every building, space, and place that you can physically experience - and there are more than 4 billion of them out there. In order to achieve this mission, we have to give everyone the power to capture in 3D with the devices in their pockets. We have to unlock this potential on iPhones, Androids, and other portable devices, including tablets.

We released an early version of Matterport for iPhone in May of 2020, before anybody had 3D capture available on a smartphone. The response was amazing! We saw over 200,000 happy iPhone owners capturing all kinds of spaces - everything from retail stores, showrooms, and restaurants to galleries, workspaces and homes. 

But then something new happened. 

At the end of 2020, Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max with LiDAR and we became immediate fans. Our Pro2 camera has long had active depth sensing and other computer vision technology that professionals across multiple industries use and rely on, so we know what it can do. It’s great to see Apple take the lead in making it accessible on these game-changing devices.

iPhone with LiDAR blog image

Today, we’re happy to announce that our latest Matterport Capture app release 4.1 includes beta support for the LiDAR-enabled iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. By downloading our app, we’re making it quick and easy to capture accurate 3D spaces for owners of these Apple products. Although it’s a beta release, we invite you to capture any environment to see how it does. 

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my favorites from other compatible iPhones and iPads:

  • A homeowner captured their flat to inventory their belongings in case of an emergency - and submit it to their insurance company as visual proof to get the most out of their claim. 

  • Another captured the home he built over 10 years with his iPad before moving onto another -- as a way to preserve the memory for himself and his family.

  • And how many of us can relate to one of our winning entries from our holiday contest? It truly summarizes what many of us went through in 2020 with young kids at home while we tried to get work done!

So, what spaces are you going to capture with your LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad? With the most advanced 3D capture technologies now available to you, the sky’s the limit. 

Download Matterport Capture app 4.1 today and share your 3D spaces with us on social media with #Matterport #LiDAR.


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