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Matterport to be publicly listed on NASDAQ  Read the News

Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

Matterport to be publicly listed on NASDAQ  Read the News

Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

Matterport Signs First African Reseller: Welcome Modena AEC!

Through a partnership with Modena, Matterport offers new technology for construction, engineering, and architecture clients.

Matterport wants to offer a warm welcome to our very first African reseller, Modena AEC. This company works in the engineering, architecture, and construction sectors with products like Modena computers, Plannerly BIM Management, and Sigma estimates. Modena AEC also offers a selection of useful services such as BIM management, product BIM coordination, and laser scanning. Modena is now offering Matterport 3D space capture cameras for the sectors that they have knowledge and experience with.

 Modena AEC Offers the Matterport Pro2 Camera in Africa

For those who work in construction, architecture, and engineering, Matterport Pro2 makes it much easier to collaborate, streamline documentation, and 3D scan as-builts to get the needed information for outstanding projects. Adding Matterport to their list of products gives clients the chance to save money and time – which can be even more important than money.

Based on information from the Modena website, there are a couple of reasons that Matterport should be a staple of those in these industries.

  1. 89% believe that the future of construction, architecture, and engineering will rely on reality capture solutions.
  2. Another 82% agree that having a 3D walkthrough is a better solution for helping to communicate the status of a job site.

When it comes to construction, Modena AEC chose to bring on Matterport as a solution because it makes it easier to handle collaborative reviews of a project. The combination of BIM360 with Matterport can create easy and quick collaboration options, as well as the potential to manage a project in 100% 3D format.

For engineering and architecture firms, Matterport offers the chance to streamline BIM modeling and design processes with digital dual data of site conditions. Matterport works with many existing types of software, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, and other types of BIM software.

Why Matterport is the Gold Standard for Engineering, Construction, and Architecture

There are tons of benefits to choosing Matterport for your construction, engineering, and architecture needs. The included 3D data platform is endlessly powerful, highly accurate, and offers a way to document buildings and other properties. Using a compatible camera, clients can capture tiny spaces as well as the largest spaces with great detail. It works on both interior and exterior space to ensure the top level of versatility.

Matterport’s platform also has 3D scanning created specifically for these types of workflow. The platform takes all of the data a company has and then makes it nearly instant to export it into a platform of your choice. This is just one of the ways that Matterport can save time and manual work to create a more efficient work process.

Making a 3D walkthrough is simple using Matterport, which allows sharing virtual site tours. Workers can easily communicate their milestones without the cost and frustration of traveling. This 3D scan works with BIM to help reduce construction and design costs while making work easier. It allows you to:

  • Create accurate measurements in hard to reach areas like ceiling beams, pipes, and trusses.
  • Export point clouds and then render or share them in Revit or a selection of other BIM tools.
  • Overlay the created point cloud to the BIM model to make it easier to conduct verification.
  • Generate both point clouds and OBJ files for construction documentation and as-builds.
  • More quickly and efficiently scan tight areas than a lidar scanner at up to 10 to 15 times faster.

One of the best things about using Matterport is that it’s simple and straightforward to get started with. Anyone with a Matterport Pro2 can start for free by making an account and beginning their scanning. The camera is built to capture even the largest spaces quickly and easily.

What Modena AEC Brings to the World

We mentioned some of what Modena AEC does but it’s worth going into in a bit more depth. Modena AEC has previously been awarded the best engineering and construction software provider in South Africa at the Technology Innovator Awards. The company focuses on creating innovative and exciting solutions for structural engineers, construction managers, and architectural leaders across Africa.

One of the things that Modena AEC offers are on-demand webinars about a variety of subjects. Some of the current offerings include:

  • Women in BIM Webinar
  • What’s New in Civil 3D and Infraworks
  • Enscape – Lighting Tips for Interiors
  • Introduction to AsBuild for Revit
  • What’s New in Generative Design 2021
  • Benefits of Piping in Revit
  • Reduce Your BIM Coordination Issues By 53%
  • Build on Top of Unity Reflect

Modena AEC also offers a variety of learning modules that can be taken online or in-person in various locations. There are Revit core competency workshops available for those in sectors that use this technology, and the company also offers a robust support system for anyone who uses their products or services. The website itself includes: 

  • Subscription Maintenance
  • IT Support
  • Software Updates
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Autodesk Technical Support
  • Training

Each Modena client is unique and is treated accordingly - Moden’s industry experience and discipline-specific specialists utilize their expertise to implement the most efficient designer and engineering solutions for clients. Modena AEC is billed as a “specialist in the business of design” and features products and services for architects, interior designers, and space planners. They also have solutions for fire protection consultants, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and wet services. Structural engineers and construction firms will also find many needed services for great work through Modena AEC. Specialist services include:

  • BIM Consultancy
  • Technical Assessments
  • Technical and Business Process Improvement Services
  • Customised Training
  • Multi-Disciplinary Connectivity, Collaboration and Data Management
  • Revit Core Competency Programmes™
  • SANS 204+ 10400 Calculations / Templates

With certifications in process and power, building, and civil infrastructure, Modena AEC is the perfect partner for Matterport to offer the Pro2 to businesses in Africa. Building owners and developers will now have access to cutting-edge technology that helps them reach financial success while ensuring projects are completed in the exact way they want. 

Matterport is expanding its Value-Added Reseller program across the globe. If you are a company interested in learning about the benefits of the program, visit


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