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Matterport VR Showcase app demo Available Now on Gear VR

Experience our Immersive 3D Showcase in the Samsung Gear VR App Store

3D Showcase Gets Virtual

Virtual reality will be the next big thing in visual content. It’s still in its early stages, but the potential is vast, especially when compared to existing digital media.

My first experience with Oculus Rift was in a small airport in Utah on the way back from a camping trip in 2013. The value of Oculus Rift was immediately clear: virtual reality combines the immersion of IMAX with the interactivity and portability of mobile devices.

I quickly realized our Matterport 3D models would be dramatically enhanced by virtual reality, allowing people to immerse themselves in real places captured with our cameras. I brought Rift back to the lab and the Matterport team started experimenting with early versions.

Since 2013, virtual reality has evolved to become fully mobile. When we got our hands on a Gear VR running a fully portable and untethered version of Oculus on the Samsung Note 4, it seemed the final hurdle had been jumped. We’re now convinced that Gear VR, and other fully mobile virtual reality tech like it, will drive broad adoption of VR.

That’s why we’ve created VR Showcase, available now in the Samsung Gear VR app store.

The Future of Virtual Reality Content Creation

This demo app is just the beginning.

We’re filling 2015 with multiple new offerings designed to make VR content creation with Matterport simple and automatic:

  • First, we’re creating VR Showcase, a 3D walkthrough app that will enable you to view publicly shared Matterport models in VR. As Matterport Pro Camera owners create amazing models of places around the world, this app will allow users to explore these far-away places. We think of it as a YouTube for virtual reality.
  • We’re also developing a software module to allow third parties to use Matterport models in their own virtual reality apps. A real estate company could create an interactive experience in which users can explore listings. A museum could guide virtual visitors through its collections. A retail store could let online customers experience the convenience of online shopping alongside the immersion and browsing experience of in-person shopping.

Want to give it a try?  Order a Samsung Note 4 and a Gear VR here and download our VR Showcase demo app from the Gear VR app store. It currently shows virtual reality versions of three Matterport models.

And for those of you without a Note 4 + Gear VR, check out this user-made video review, which shows the images shown to each eye as the user navigates a Matterport model.

We’re hungry for feedback from users, Matterport Pro 3D camera owners, and virtual reality content developers. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions for these upcoming virtual reality offerings.