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Matterport’s top models of 2021

Reflect on a year of capturing the inspiring, beautiful, and sometimes unimaginable digital twins that wowed us all

As we say goodbye to 2021, a year filled with revolutionary moments, exciting and difficult adjustments, and explorations of spaces old and new, let’s take a step back into the virtual twins that made these experiences possible. 

See-to-believe unique spaces

In Ibiza, Casita Verde is completely sustainable, with an open environment flooded with sunlight and plants.

All aboard with the Moca Yacht charter! You can practically feel the water beneath your feet when exploring this luxury getaway vessel. 

Get lost with the stunning and creative Immersed in Wonderland NYC exhibit that will have you literally falling down the rabbit hole. 

Shopping experiences that awed

At the Paperchase Virtual Store, virtual visitors can shop for their next Valentine's Day or birthday card, journals, and every other paper product imaginable within this brightly decorated store.

With a click, jump to Smushkies in Lebanon. A sweets shop packed with flavor and heart, this digital twin’s Mattertags allow visitors to experience the reconstruction of this magical space from its tragic explosion in August of 2020. 

Or get into the team spirit with the Ipswich Town FC Planet Blue Superstore, where shoppers can order their next supporting jersey and relive the UEFA cup win with pride.

Gorgeous residences 

Perhaps the current climate has made you itch to experience new decorating styles, architecture, and environments. If so, look no further than Condominio Reserva de Serra in Brazil, with its pristine, minimalist design and a velvety blue outdoor pool.

Walk into a luxurious, high-end Australian house complete with glass floors, spacious kitchen, and artful decorations at 39 Murphy Street.

Whether you’re planning your next move or interested in selling, take a look at how 47 Heritage Road in New Jersey, USA, presents its cozy and spacious interior to all types.

Fantastical real estate 

In the world of commercial real estate, virtual tours take visitors to the warm and productivity-charged office space at 939 Chicago Ave, Evanston, Illinois. Interested parties can venture into their potential working space with ease and comfort — as if they were there in person!

Go on trips before you’ve planned them 

If guests aren’t quite sure if they’ll enjoy the ambiance of Gordon Ramsay’s Hells’ Kitchen, the digital twin copy gives them the opportunity to see it for themselves firsthand, on their own private tour. 

Travel and hospitality has never been easier. Travelers to Grövelfjäll ski resort in Sweden or to the Cloister at Sea Island in Georgia will have already picked out their favorite view long before their plane's wheels have touched the tarmac.

Giving history a second life 

Temple Dongjingyuan’s digital twin constructed in the 18th century in Beijing brings peace and tranquility to virtual explorers.

Walk between towering statues at the Abu Simbel Temple ( معبد أبو سمبل ), examining the intricately carved hieroglyphs and learning from the masterfully applied Mattertags throughout the temple.

Visitors can feel the importance of social movement with the virtual twin of Rosa Parks Bus at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

Restoring re-imagined 

At 42 Summer Street, a three-family building is stripped to its essentials after a fire, allowing parties to examine the restoration that will occur.

Digital capturing for insurance

Insurance companies can interact with a client’s Home Inventory Documentation and examine property claims like at 2929 N Campbell for large scale damage.  

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Learn while viewing Mechanical Room Operations or custom 4200 N. Oketo Chicago Pre-Drywall Construction Documentation. Gathering information, teaching students, and experiencing AEC at any time has never been easier with Matterport Digital twins.

Special mention

Finally, take a virtual step into the digital twin of the Nasdaq MarketSite’s Listing Day for an immersive experience complete with its iconic bell ringing ceremony.


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