Meet the Winners of the 2021 Digital Twin Awards

CAPTUR3D launched its inaugural program celebrating the year’s best digital twins

CAPTUR3D, a Matterport Platform Partner that delivers an all-in-one 3D virtual tour solution for residential real estate, announced the winners of their inaugural Digital Twin Awards (DTAs) for 2021. Matterport was the proud event sponsor and we are excited to share the standout digital twins selected from over 150 entries submitted from 78 different countries. Enjoy viewing the unique spaces transformed into fully accurate, immersive digital experiences.

Best Digital Twin of 2021: Aberdeen FC Virtual Stadium by Visual Immersion

Most Unique Use: How to Virtually Stage a Digital Twin Correctly by New Interior Solutions

Best Digital Twin for Education: Dr Buhmann Akademie Hannover by 360-PRO

Best Digital Twin for Arts & Culture: Medieval Castle Museum by Visim

Best Digital Twin for Real Estate: (Medieval Castle Museum) by VirtualPro

Best Digital Twin of 2021

Aberdeen FC Virtual Stadium by Visual Immersion

Best digital twin of 2021

“Thanks to a clean and easy-to-navigate virtual experience, this project clearly proved that a 3D virtual tour doesn’t necessarily need to be super complex to be highly efficient. By combining many different tools including Matterport, Kuula, 360 ground views and aerial panos, video content and e-commerce, UK Visual Immersion delivered a unique interactive experience that Aberdeen FC fans and visitors will certainly enjoy for many years. 

As a Matterport Service Partner, I am sometimes so absorbed by the technical aspects of 3D scanning and the amazing add-on capabilities now offered that I want to pack many bells and whistles inside all my 3D virtual tours. This “Best Digital Twin of 2021” reminded me that by communicating efficiently to its target audience, and offering exactly what online visitors expect to see and learn, is what makes a Matterport 3D virtual tour truly unique.”

- Cy Saelens, LA360VR

Most Unique Use of Matterport

How to Virtually Stage a Digital Twin Correctly by New Interior Solutions

dta 2

“There’s no question interior design is an art form. As an interior designer, you’re typically working with one client and the goal is to design the space to best suit their needs and taste for style and aesthetics. When staging a space, the client becomes a long list of potential home buyers who each may have their own sense of style. This only makes the task that much more difficult to master and challenging to teach. 

As an educator, I’ve found the best way to relay information is by using multiple mediums to invoke multiple senses. This is why a lecture supported by slides is better than one without and why video with audio is better than either audio or video alone. This model is the next iteration for education and does an incredible job relaying information to the viewer by making the visual and audible components completely interactive and, therefore, more engaging.” 

- Amir Frank, Matterport

Best Digital Twin for Education

Dr Buhmann Akademie Hannover by 360-PRO

dta 3

“The future of education incorporates scholastic learning opportunities which take place outside the traditional classroom. When we combine the engaging aspects of digital twin technology with traditional education, participation becomes gamified while the process of cognitive learning takes place on a new and exciting level. While experiencing this unique and massive Matterport space titled "Dr. Buhmann Akademie - Hannover" (created by Oliver Vosshage at 360-Pro - Germany), the viewer is compelled by an innate curiosity to explore on their own terms.  

While interacting with Mattertag content (Orange Hotspots) embedded into the Matterport 3D tour, learning is accelerated by the strategically placed YouTube videos on each floor along with informational and navigation icons. This Matterport space also benefits from incorporating third-party overlay software designed to add functionality and a more immersive user experience. This would include the addition of Menu options which aid in more effortless navigation, branding options, and additional functionality only available with 3rd party overlay software.

When exploring the Dollhouse view of this virtual tour, the proficiency and symmetry of the 3D capture by Vosshage is evident by the complete coverage of mesh throughout the model.  We are excited to be on the forefront of digital twin technology and to witness its positive impact on education around the globe, both inside and outside of the traditional classroom.”

- Dustin Gardner, Reality Capture Experts

Best Digital Twin for Arts & Culture

Medieval Castle Museum by Visim

dta 4

"The Messner Mountain Museum - Ripa at Bruneck Castle was once the summer residence of the prince bishops and is now dedicated to the mountain peoples from all over the world. The virtual tour depicts the magnificence of the museum located in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol. It invites visitors to experience everyday life of the mountain dwellers from farmers in India, Bhutan and Namibia to an eagle hunter in Mongolia, from the Samburu warriors in Kenya to the Whakis in Afghanistan. 

This beautifully captured, immersive experience showcases the benefits of memorializing a historical building in 3D allowing everyone to travel to the site virtually and inspire them to visit it in person." - Dee Johnson, Capture the World with Dee

Best Digital Twin for Real Estate

(Medieval Castle Museum) by VirtualPro

dta 5

"This exquisite 3D scan by VirtualPro, one of the leaders in 3D property marketing and documentation in New Zealand, showcases how Matterport Spaces can be used to create high-quality sales experiences for buyers and renters of real estate.

This space showcases VirtualPro’s expertise in capturing real estate that includes a clean Dollhouse view, well-placed scans showcasing this beautiful architectural home’s assets. It includes real estate agent branding and contact information for better lead generation.

VirtualPro is a leader in creating 3D experiences in New Zealand. Through many years of scanning with Matterport, this is just one example of their great work product. I am a proud personal friend of Dean Scholey, the founder of VirtualPro, and have seen many of their unique, interesting and captivating scans." - Dee Johnson, Capture the World with Dee

To learn more about CAPTUR3D, visit or read our case study here.


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