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Mixing Old World Charm with Modern Music

Dance the Night Away Under 3,000 LEDs and Three Music Stages

Located in the city center of Kraków, Poland, Shine Club is the top venue on the local party map. This dazzling nightclub boasts more than 3,000 LED lighting points throughout. The expansive 1,000 square meter (3,300 square foot) space is divided into three independent music areas: the mainstage, the R&B stage and the Latin stage.

With everything from platforms to dancers to comfy sofas, each zone has an independent bar, separate lighting and sound system that provide a mesmerizing combination of party experiences – both musical and visual.

While completely modernized, the club was transformed from its former identity as the Uciecha cinema and theater nestled in a 19th-century building. The club mixes the modern world with the charm and uniqueness of its roots in the oldest part of Kraków, in Kazimierz.

We tracked down Marcin Martyna, owner of 3DKamera, to hear his story about capturing the space using a combination of the Matterport Pro2 and his 360 camera. The 3D scan just makes you want to groove!

Q: What inspired the 3D capture of the Shine Club?

The 3D tour at Shine Club was created primarily for new visitors. The space is large and very difficult to present all the amenities and features of the club with pictures alone. From the 3D tour, visitors can easily assess whether a particular box or table has a comfortable arrangement. Since the 3D tour was published on the website, tables sold out almost every week.

Q: Did you have to use any special techniques to capture the space with its club lighting?

This space was a very difficult area to scan. There are lots of mirrors all over the club – on the walls, ceiling, bars, etc. There are also extreme variations in lighting, which creates very strong contrasts when captured.

I went back to the club several times, and each time we looked at the captured spaces to determine what could be improved to make the next scan look better.

Using a combination of 3D scanning with my Matterport Pro2, my 360 camera, and 360-to-3d conversion technique, I worked out a special scanning scheme designed specifically for this space.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

We love to test the limits of the possibilities of 3D scanning technology, and fantastic places such as this club are perfect doing so. We can experiment with new and challenging spaces and environments, gaining the knowledge and experience to take our work to the next level.

3D Kamera is based in Krakow, Poland and specializes in creating Matterport 3D tours and Google Street View photography. To learn more 3DKamera, please visit:


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