New all-in-one carry case for the Pro3 camera boosts supply chain sustainability and increases convenience for users

Designed to prioritize both functionality and sustainability, these packaging improvements will significantly benefit our customers, partners, and the planet.

New Pro3 case image

The new Pro3 carry case has been re-engineered, resulting in a comprehensive solution that accommodates the camera, along with essential accessories such as a tripod mount, extra battery, and charging cables.

The hard case, known for its robustness, is now just as tough but with a lighter and smaller design. This makes it substantially easier to transport, and significantly less carbon-intensive when shipped.

Moreover, Matterport's commitment to the environment shines through the retail box design, which incorporates recyclable materials. The smaller carton size also allows for more units per pallet, reducing shipping costs and greatly improving carbon efficiency.

As covered in our recent press on the topic, these updates are the result of meticulous attention to customer feedback, and they emphasize Matterport's unwavering dedication to a sustainable supply chain. As Qadira Harris, Senior Director of Global Responsibility at Matterport, puts it, "The sleeker, lighter design reduces both environmental impact and shipping expenses, thus enhancing storage and transport efficiency."

Apart from helping customers gain a better understanding and utilization of properties through its trailblazing 3D digital twin solutions, Matterport recently launched groundbreaking products and services. These new services showcase the latest in Matterport's innovation and AI for digital twins.

The release includes an incredible tool called Property Intelligence, a suite of AI-driven features that unearths detailed data about a property, courtesy of Matterport's automation and AI technologies.

Experience these exceptional features firsthand on the Winter 2024 Release: Automating the Future page

Here at Matterport, we are proud to further our mission to revolutionize how people interact with properties, now with enhanced sustainability and convenience in mind.


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