Open for (virtual) business: Halloween, events and the virtual experience

How do businesses drive awareness through events? Occasions such as the release of "IT: Chapter Two" present an opportunity to market unique customer experiences. See how reality capture provides an opportunity for getting that experience to the greatest


What makes for a successful event? Drawing a quality crowd and, more importantly, providing a quality experience for those who attend are two obvious measures. In an effort to enhance both these criteria, businesses are implementing reality capture to not only promote an event but allow its experience to reach the widest possible audience.

See some examples of how businesses can benefit from Halloween events being experienced by anyone, from anywhere, at anytime. 

See ‘IT’ to believe it

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Pintrest and Matterport 3D recently came together to promote the release of IT: Chapter Two, with a funhouse built to experience both physically in the real world and online through reality capture. Entering the event, titled “The IT Experience: Chapter Two” and could be done in-person at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles or, for anyone who didn’t land a ticket or choose to wait in line, anywhere the virtual experience was shared.

The event’s virtual experience allows visitors to explore every detail and features clickable icons, called ‘Mattertags,’ adding extra information from various forms of media. In this customized experience, audio was also added, making this immersive view all the more realistic for those who dare to place themselves on the streets of the Derry Canal Day’s Festival.

Business BOOming with holiday event expereinces

No matter the level of dedication, choosing a Halloween costume and putting it together takes some time and effort. With the season comes no shortage of stores to choose from and savvy shoppers will do their due diligence in looking for the right place to bring that search for the perfect costume. Making the most of this search, stores take the opportunity to attract business however they can.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to look for creative ways of getting in on the holiday spirit. Halloween stores of course are no different and many even decide to put their specialty on display in creating unique in-store experiences of their own. Some are finding that they can also easily supplement those goals with a virtual experience to match.

Whether hosting an actual event or simply drawing interest to what a business has to offer, reality capture and the True3D experience puts a highly engaging tool at the fingertips of potential customers.  

The Devil is in the details: Brining awareness to site information

There are two kinds of haunted houses, the ones that require a ticket to the event and those where friends dare each other stay overnight. Haunted locations are always a popular attraction and naturally this only increases around Halloween.

In the shadow of Mount Olympus sits the small town of Prodromos, Cyprus. It’s the highest village in the country at 4,530 ft above sea level and is home to a resort once reserved for royalty but now is vacant, aside from the reported spirits that remain.

The Berengaria Hotel or “The Hotel of Kings,” opened in 1931, becoming a popular vacation and event destination for prominent guests including King Pharouk of Egypt. It officially closed in 1984 after, as legend has it, a series of suspicious and tragic events eventually led to its neglect.

Despite all this, the now abandoned historical site still attracts adventurers and is preserved for anyone to visit and learn more about, with its 3D digital twin. 

Looking to promote your event or business with an immersive virtual expereince? Get started with a free Matterport 3D account and contact an expert to learn more about how customizing reality capture can drive awareness with your audience.


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