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Pick from thousands of materials and decorating ideas from a virtual showroom of artisans

Dynamic Solutions in France creates a digital twin of Artisans Artipôle for clients to explore before meeting with advisors on site

When it comes to renovating your next space at home or the office, walking through thousands of samples can be confusing and overwhelming. Dynamic Solutions Bretagne helped Artisans Artipôle provide its clients the opportunity to virtually explore all of the available options at their leisure through a digital twin of its showroom. Once favorites are selected, clients can spend quality time with advisors onsite to finalize their selections.

Aude Antignac and Jean-François Bourhis from Dynamic Solutions Bretagne weigh in on what makes Matterport perfect for this kind of work.

Artisans Artipôle Bois & Aménagement 2

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

Artisans Artipôle wanted to give visitors a view into their showroom filled with the craftsmanship of over 2,600 artisans who are a part of their cooperative. They also offer the services of 35,000 journeymen, apprentices, and building professionals to offer clients the best products at the best prices with the best installation solutions.

The virtual visit aims to present all of the options a bit like a catalog so clients can get to know the artisan while exploring ideas and the materials they like the most. Another goal for Artisans Artipôle is to attract more local artisans to join the cooperative. 

Artisans Artipôle Bois & Aménagement 1

What are the benefits your clients experience with a Matterport digital twin?

Matterport digital twins provide exceptional image quality with smooth navigation that is appreciated by our clients. Matterport allows for the integration into websites, like Artisans Artipôle’s, as well as the ability to transfer the digital twin to the customer's Matterport account for independent management of Mattertags that include text, links, images, and video. We can create guided tours within any Matterport experience for visitors to view and can easily add the digital twin on our clients’ Google MyBusiness pages.

What does the future hold for Dynamic Solutions?

We are excited to work with our partner Retail VR ( to design an overlay that automatically manages the content to help visitors find items that interest them more easily. 

The Matterport 3D tour with a catalog menu allows visitors to immediately see the variety of items Artisans Artipôle has to offer and jump to that area of interest. In addition, the Retail VR platform links the items presented with e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Magento, or PrestaShop, allowing clients to place an order from inside the Matterport 3D tour.

Eventually, clients will be able to transpose the dimensionally-accurate items scanned with Matterport into their home or office so that they can see how they would work in their environments


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