Pro2 vs. Pro3: Choosing the Right Camera for the Job

Understanding the key differences between these versatile 3D capture devices

Pro2 vs Pro3 chart

Following the introduction of the new Pro3 camera earlier this year, we gave our customers even more choices when it comes to selecting a 3D capture device that is best suited for their needs. Selecting the right camera isn’t always about picking the device with the highest resolution or newest features. For professional 3D capture, choosing between Pro2 and Pro3 often comes down to the project and the price. 

The Pro2 is the industry-leading, all-around capture solution that customers have relied on for capturing buildings and spaces of every kind in over 100 countries around the world. Pro2 suits a wide range of 3D capture needs that demand high-resolution, professional image quality and dimensional accuracy for reliable space planning purposes. Pro2 works great for most indoor capture needs, but there are some industries where it has become indispensable:   

  • Residential Real Estate:

    Our digital twins help close sales and leases quickly. The Pro2 camera is the industry standard to create captivating 3D tours and high-quality photography, ensuring potential owners and tenants feel confident in their shortlist and inspired by a space and its staging.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    : Manage buildings more effectively by capturing detailed information about space allocation, floor planning, and property maintenance - made available to stakeholders regardless of location. This makes it easier to maximize the value of each building and control costs.

  • Industrial Manufacturing:

    The Pro2 camera captures detailed information that empowers teams to visually document safety protocols, perform remote site inspections of a factory floor, or document equipment and assembly line components for faster training and employee onboarding.

  • Architecture Engineering and Construction:

    Matterport helps architects and project managers document milestones and collaborate from anywhere. The Pro2 camera makes it easy to document the site, build punch lists, discuss change orders, and sign off on scope of work.

  • Insurance and Restoration:

    Documentation is critical for the insurance industry to ensure an accurate depiction of the event from the first notification of loss to final restoration efforts. Matterport 3D scans can be imported into Xactimate for easy property claims estimation.

Pro2 creates immersive, photo-realistic, and high-precision digital twins. With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours, the Pro2 is a workhorse device that delivers the ideal balance of quality, speed, and value for professionals across a number of sectors. 

The Pro3 camera takes 3D capture to the next level, setting new standards for speed, fidelity, versatility, and precision to create a digital twin of any space of any size and complexity. Pro3 goes further, powered by an innovative high-powered LIDAR sensor and field-swappable batteries, that dramatically increase the range of the camera, while simultaneously unlocking the ability to capture building exteriors, landscapes, and other important outdoor environments. It is becoming the camera of choice in commercial settings such as large resorts and hotels, campuses, factories, construction projects, airport terminals, and large retailers, where scale and precision requirements go hand in hand. 

The Pro3 is truly a breakthrough in 3D capture with an industry-wide price-performance combination that stands alone. Nothing else comes close, and no camera goes as far as Pro3. And at nearly half the price of the Pro3, the Pro2 camera has, for years, led the industry and captured more 3D digital twins of homes, offices, and other spaces than any other camera in the world. Pro2 provides excellent value, unmatched reliability, and imaging quality, especially for indoor jobs. In fact, there has never been a better time to buy a new Pro2. Now through December 31st, save up to $900 on Pro2 camera bundles. Available while supplies last. For more information, please visit the Pro2 product page, reach out to our sales team online, or call us at +1(888)993-8990. 

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