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Red Cross War Museum, Narvik Centre

Explore This! In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27), we bring you the Red Cross War Museum at the Narvik Centre in Narvik, Norway. Originally founded by the Norwegian Red Cross in 1964 to teach children about the terrors of war and to commemorate lives lost, the museum remains an important reminder about international law and human rights in times of turmoil. The town of Navrik, while small, played a significant role in Norway's World War II history, as the location of the Battles of Narvik, where Norwegian troops fought against German mountain troops.

The Red Cross War Museum continues to spread knowledge and understanding about the consequences of war through documentation, research, and outreach. Explore the 10,700 square foot collection featuring WWII artifacts, military uniforms and weaponry, everyday objects, photographs, and audio-visual stories of war. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, this Red Cross museum commemorates the sufferings and lives lost due to mass genocide and serves as an important reminder of world peace and human rights for generations to come.

To learn more about this Red Cross War Museum, visit the Narvik Centre.

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Model Title: Red Cross War Museum, Narvik Centre
Created By: Kalle Punsvik,
Location: Narvik, Norway