Schematic Floor Plans Now $14.99 per Space!

According to a recent C.A.R. Home Buyers Survey, over 90% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan versus one without, while 80% of home sellers believe a floor plan will help sell their home faster, according to Moving Homes.

If you want to satisfy home sellers as well as capture the attention of home buyers, it’s critical that you provide the most complete property experience possible online - from traditional floor plans to immersive 3D experiences.

In order to drive the continued success of our real estate customers, Matterport is dropping the price of our Schematic Floor Plan service permanently - from $36 to $14.99!

This means that if you create your own floor plans by hand (or hire an outside vendor), you can save time and money by ordering a black-and-white floor plan directly from your Matterport Cloud account. With a push of a button, your Schematic Floor Plan will be delivered within two business days - labeled exactly as you’d like.

With Matterport, you only need to visit a property once to generate 2D floor plans, HDR imagery, a 3D Dollhouse, and a 24/7 virtual open house which home buyers can access anytime, anywhere.

Order your Schematic Floor Plans directly from the Space Detail Page in Matterport Cloud. For more details and specific instructions, please visit our help article.

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