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Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

$900 off Matterport Pro2 3D cameras - now only $2,495!  Buy now

Sales: +1(888) 993-8990

School Center Ljubljana and Studio DTS bring one of the oldest Slovenian education institutions into the modern age

We caught up with Andraz Prajs, CEO of Studio DTS, to learn more about how his team captured all 215,000 square feet of School Center Ljubljana.

Q. What inspired the 3D capture of the Media Center at School Center Ljubljana?

School Center Ljubljana is one of the biggest and oldest educational institutions in the country, located in the country's capital city Ljubljana. We were asked to provide a solution for reopening during the lockdown in Slovenia, and the director of the school wanted something new and different.

Q: How have school faculty, parents and children been able to use the 3D models of the school?

We used three Matterport models for both the schools and the workshops. Each of the five schools are presented in a highlight reel that functions as a shortcut to a specific school. Content including videos of students and headmasters, pictures and hyperlinks were Mattertagged. Within the largest model, the workshops are deeplinked.

Q: What do you want visitors to take away after exploring the school?

“I want to study here and nowhere else!”

The purpose of this project was to allow visitors to explore the grandness of the space including its halls, classrooms and workshops. While we’re currently working to add videos of the machinery used in workshops, students will eventually be able to virtually experience the tools they’ll be using during their education.

Q: This an enormous scan; how did you pull it off?

We were thrown in the deep end. School Center Ljubljana was our client for years, as we had provided website and design services for them, and therefore expectations were high. Plus, this was our very first Matterport project with no prior experience with 3D scanning.

The school’s halls are extremely long and include two separate stairways spanning over 10 floors. Our team of two worked to capture it for four consecutive days, capturing 1,464 scans during that time. It felt like “Groundhog Day” for the entire week. 

Solski Hallway

We uploaded the scans on a Thursday and crossed our fingers that they would process over the weekend. However, the next day, we received our email that the model was live in under 24 hours. It came out perfectly, the halls were straight as an arrow (without the use of April Tags) and both stairways were connected perfectly!

It’s now March and we are booked through May doing similar projects for shops, the BMW Saloon, and two other schools. I guess we’ll need to add this service to our website as soon as possible


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