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Simplified Plans. Unlimited Archiving.

We’re taking another step forward by simplifying all of our plans with compelling all-in pricing and more features across the plans.

To All Matterporters Around the World:

Matterport is on the move! We have some exciting updates to share, all of which take effect Thursday, May 9th.

In January, we announced Matterport Cloud 3.0, including True 3D support for entry-level 360 cameras as well as new Free & Starter subscription plans. Now, we’re taking another step forward by simplifying all of our plans with compelling all-in pricing and more features across the plans. Existing customers can seamlessly upgrade to the new plans to take advantage of the benefits they offer, along with the option to stay with their current plan.

Our previous subscription plans included hosting limits, processing fees, free trial spaces, and overage charges that affected some of our most active users. All of these have been replaced by simple, straightforward plans organized around two principles that will help our customers become even more successful with Matterport:

Introducing active and archived Matterport 3D spaces. Active spaces are those that can be edited, shared, and published. Each new plan has a cap on the number of spaces that can be active at any given time, but there is no limit on the number of spaces that can be archived in the Matterport Cloud. Archived spaces are safely and securely stored in the Matterport Cloud, and can be easily re-activated as needed. Archived spaces cannot be explored, shared, edited, or published until they are made active again (click here for information on how to do this). As customers find the need for a higher active space limit, plans can be easily upgraded at any time.

Features are now optimized for each plan. Our free and starter plans deliver a price-value combination that can’t be beat. With the introduction of feature-based pricing for Professional, Business, and Enterprise customers, you only pay for what you need.

At Matterport, we are intent on delivering more customer-centric improvements like these to meet our loyal customers and new customers where they are today. No more processing fees, no more keeping track of free space counts, and no more calculations required to stay under hosting limits. Our goal is to enable customers to get the most out of Matterport for the best value possible. We are working hard to keep the customer at the center of everything we do. A hearty thanks to all of our Matterporters around the world for your outstanding support and partnership as we continue to grow. We have never been more committed to our mutual success!


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