Spend a day in LA’s Fashion District at the luxurious Home Fabrics

Twin Moons is taking virtual shoppers on a one-of-a-kind retail experience

It’s all too easy to spend a day exploring the massive inventory available at Los Angeles’ own Home Fabrics. Located in the LA Fashion District, the luxury fabric store spans over 20,000 square feet. Shoppers can find everything they need to take their home to the next level, including sophisticated decorative pillows, high-end curtain panels, and unique fabrics that can elevate any space.

Shopping for one's home is a highly personal experience, but now virtual shoppers can "touch" every piece of inventory at the store from the comfort of their current home. Recently, Home Fabrics partnered with Twin Moons, LCC to capture the entire store, using helpful features including Mattertags to make the online shopping experience even easier.

We caught up with Tamim Azizadah, Managing Director at Twin Moons, to learn how his team leveraged all of the capabilities of digital twins to create a one-a-kind virtual shopping experience.

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What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

Home Fabrics is a luxury fabric store located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The 20,000-square-foot, two-story retail location carries some of the most unique and beautiful home fabrics that can be purchased in-store or from their website. The owners contacted Twin Moons LLC to create an immersive 3D virtual experience of their flagship store that would allow customers to explore the store and also be able to quickly purchase fabrics via their website.

Home Fabrics also wanted to expand their presence on Google Maps by being able to publish the tour of their store on the platform so that customers can literally walk in their store directly on Google Maps.

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

As the sign in the store says, there’s “more on the second floor”, so don’t forget to check out all the gorgeous fabrics on the second floor as well! And if something catches your eye, look for the Mattertag that provides a quick link to the Home Fabrics website where you can conveniently purchase the selected fabric.

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What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

It’s even BETTER than being there! The Matterport tour combines the best of the physical and online worlds to let customers easily navigate the store, find items they like, and quickly make a purchase via the Home Fabrics website without ever having to stand in a line. And you can fly around from one corner of the store to the other without getting your feet sore!

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What are the benefits of Matterport digital twins?

One of the biggest advantages of Matterport digital twins is the navigation experience. Because actual 3D data is captured, it provides the smoothest experience of any platform. Navigation feels natural and intuitive, letting users focus on the content as opposed to figuring out their way around.

Other outstanding benefits are superb color fidelity, accuracy, and high resolution. We used the Matterport Pro 2 camera to capture this space to ensure the best color fidelity and accuracy possible. Since this tour features fabrics, it was critical that the colors and textures were represented as accurately as possible. The Matterport Pro 2 did an excellent job of capturing all the vibrant colors, sheens, and luxurious textures of the fabrics.

Another great benefit is the amount of time that we save creating tours with Matterport. Matterport’s ability to automatically link scan points and create the 3D tour saved us hundreds of hours. Additionally, the ability to publish the entire tour to Google Street View with literally a click of a button is unmatched by any other platform and has saved us countless hours on this and numerous other projects.

Lastly, being able to add media-rich Mattertags encourages greater user interaction and can be used to create a cohesive e-commerce experience.

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Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

Absolutely! In the last three years, we have captured over 1,000 spaces including art galleries, residential and commercial real estate, multifamily properties, educational institutions, religious institutions, medical facilities, showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, factories, and more.

Anything else you would like to add?

Our clients love the digital twins that we create for them using Matterport and actively share their and their customers’ feedback and experiences with us. They have especially emphasized how indispensable Matterport digital twins have been during the pandemic when so many showrooms and stores were physically closed. By using Matterport digital twins, our clients have been able to bring the unique in-person experiences of their spaces online in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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